Whether you are new to camping or not, every camping trip is exhilarating. Being outside among nature and wildlife in its natural habit is somewhat rewarding. Waking up to amazing views with your family after a good night’s sleep in the tent is a great feeling. Camping in the summer and in the winter are very different stories in themselves. Those looking to embark on a winter camping trip with the family will need to know the top essentials to get you through. This guide will cover every base from eating to sleeping and adventures, so let’s get going. 

Good Knives

A set of good knives will get you through any camping trip, especially a winter one. Having a great pocket knife, like a Spyderco brand knife, will help you cut up your food as well as your way through thick forest. They are great to have on hand in case of emergency or simply in case of not being able to open your packet of snacks. Having one on your during a hike or in the tent will help you solve a variety of issues.

Fleece Jacket

There are several useful things every camper should own, and a fleece jacket is one of them. Whether you are camping in a cool or warm climate, the nighttime can always get chilly. Thus, having a fleece jacket packed away and on hand will prevent you from getting cold in the evenings or protect you from harsh winter walks.

Insulated Bottles

Every camper needs to have a bottle in their backpack for days out or days at the campsite. You will most likely fill them with water. But, for winter trips, you might want to take out a hot drink to keep you warm on a cold morning walk. An insulated bottle will keep your drinks at the right temperature, hot or cold. One that has a well-sealed cap will prevent spillages and reduce the risk of going without a drink for a long hike up a mountain.

Water Resistant Sleeping Bag

Inside the tent, you will want to keep as warm as possible in the winter. A water-resistant sleeping bag may sound silly if you are already inside, and there is a slim chance of you getting wet. But, cold conditions can cause a buildup of condensation in a tent, which can cause your gear to get wet. A water-resistant sleeping bag will keep the condensation out and you free from being soggy and damp in the morning.

Day Backpack

There will be a big chance for any camping trip that you will go out for day trips. For summer camping, you may pack a lighter and be able to carry your hiking goods in the pocket. But, winter camping will often see you needing more essentials such as an extra hat, water bottle, or pair of gloves. To carry these around, you will need a day backpack. Investing in a water-proof one is a great idea to prevent rain or snow from making your goods damp. For long hikes or days out, a backpack is ideal for carrying around food and water to keep you energized. 

Well-Insulated Tent

Having a well-insulated tent will keep out the cold during the winter months. It will act as a protector from the wind and harsh winter cold, as well as block out light. If you need a long sleep after a long day out hiking or need warming up, a well-insulated tent can provide you exactly that. Blocking out noise is another benefit of well-insulated tents. They are a great  option if you are camping on a busy site, as they will reduce the sounds you hear throughout the night.


A camping trip that is longer than a night will mean you need to cook for yourself. For winter camping trips, a stove is an excellent piece of equipment for cooking and keeping warm. In the evenings, you can cook up a family meal as well as use it for heating. Stoves can be relatively heavy and difficult to carry around, so a compact liquid fuel stove is the most convenient and travel-friendly option.


You never know what kind of weather you will face during a winter camping trip. To keep the whole family warm and safe from harsh conditions, invest in thermals. Thermals are to be worn under your clothes and if the conditions are very cold, ensure to wear a few layers on top. Thermal hats, scarves, and gloves are also ideal for keeping your open areas warm and safe.

First-Aid Kit

Every camper, or anyone with children, will know how handy it is to have a first-aid kit to hand. On any camping holiday, a first-aid kit should always be with you in case of an emergency. Inside the kit should be plasters, bandages, scissors, medication, and disinfectants to help in case of an injury. Having a backup phone charger or snack can be a good essential to add to the kit if you are stuck somewhere for a long time due to an injury.

Weather Proof Boots

For those long hikes in winter conditions, everyone will need a good pair of weatherproof boots. Whether it is cold, snowing, or raining, weatherproof boots will block the harsh conditions and keep your feet warm during a long walk. If you want to pack light, a pair of boots can be the only shoe you will need for the entire trip.

For your next winter family camping trip, ensure you have all of the essentials so that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. Without the essentials, you may struggle to keep warm, well-fed, and happy. Investing in the appropriate clothing and equipment can make a big difference to the success of your trip.