Camping is the best summertime activity where you can enjoy a lot with your friends and family members. The camping trip is the best way of getting back to nature. People love to move around together to enjoy with their dear ones and make them feel happy. It also gives relaxation to mind and makes you less stressful. It gives the opportunity to reconnect with lovable persons. You can spend your quality time with children to make fun.

Here are most important tips to make your camping more enjoyable:

  1. Tent:

When you plan out for camping, the tent is very essential to take rest or lay down. If you are going to night camp you can’t simply stay on the ground so you need to build a shelter with proper equipment. It is one of the basic requirements for a camper or a hiker. When you are building a tent you should make sure that nails are properly set into the ground. It must be of good quality and easy to carry. It will be a secure and private place. Shelters can give you a peaceful sleeping at night. It keeps your body warm and protects you from dangerous wild animals crossing your area. Make space and keep your tent always comfortable for you. Using large tents can be heavy to carry, so you can’t lift up from one location to another. Tents are made of nylon, polyester, polycotton and other composite materials.

  1. Packing your Favorite Food:

Food gives more energy while camping which makes you stay healthy and productive. Packing one’s favorite food changes the mood of a person and makes them feel very enjoyable. Food and water are usually higher than other needs. One can pack fresh Vegetables, Fruits, nuts, seeds, powdered sugar, Eggs, Instant coffee or tea packets and highly nutritious food to stay energetic and strong. But if you prefer freshly ground coffee, then you need a manual coffee grinder (like this). Fresh fruit is a great snack which can be easy to squish. Dried fruits burn calories and it is highly beneficial. You can keep a clean package for preserving dried fruits. You should pack easy to carry food and water filters for drinking water. Having a best travel backpack will help you in packing your favorite foods and other necessary items in a safe way. During camping also you can get a healthier meal just put it on fire and eat a good food. Cooking with eggs is also simple just crack it and add healthy vegetables to it you get an extraordinary meal.

  1. Clothing:

Camping means to get prepared for all circumstances. Be a smart camper, and you should keep sufficient clothing during a camping trip. You can’t judge the climatic conditions in the trip. Weather conditions can also demand at different places you travel. You can’t expect laundry facilities in the camping ground. You should keep your clothes warm if evening gets a little cold. During camping, you will be surrounded by bugs, mud, dirt, mosquitoes so the selection of wardrobe is very important. There are no conditions what you should wear at night, make sure it is not wet. You can wear a scarf or a cap to keep your head warm at night. Woolen clothes are the best choice for your skin. Covering your arms and legs helps to move a long way, shoes and socks are best for your legs. It does not allow any insects or bugs to disturb you. Wearing a strong sunscreen protection jacket is also essential for an outfit. Also, if you should pack some working gloves as you don’t want any splinters while you get the campfire ready.

  1. Gadgets:

The flashlight has become very stable in the camping market. The new LED flashlight offers you a brighter light and a long-lasting battery power. It can be charged from computer’s USB port or solar devices. It is also important to safeguard those gadgets in a proper way. Using waterproof backpack to store electronic gadgets and other frequently used things will be helpful to you. If you carry kids for camping give each one a flashlight. Buying a cheap flashlight will break down into pieces; make sure that you are using a good gadget. There are different types of flashlight like rechargeable, water resistant, tactical, flashlights with different level of brightness etc…You have to choose a right one for better performance. The size, weight, type of the battery must be chosen perfectly. While going for camping without electricity it is very important.

A good flashlight must be

  • Lightweight
  • Weather resistant
  • Adjustable light output/brightness
  • Rechargeable batteries/flashlight
  • Adjustable light beam to move through small area
  • Perfect lens

Flashlight can also be used defensively; just you can flash it on the attacker’s eyes so that the person would be blinded for a couple of seconds which is enough for you to escape.

  1. Pick a perfect place:

Camping is an enjoyable tour for the whole family. It is a harder task to choose a location. You should pick the best spot for your tent. If you have a play area in the particular spot choose it to pitch near it, so that kids will be very excited. If you don’t have a flat surface then it will be very tough to sleep, so make sure that the place is perfect. Choose a soft ground. A hillside will not be the right place for a campsite. Wind is not a campsite companion; it can blow trash everywhere and knock down your tent. Choose a spot that is very closer to timber. Oaks, Cottonwoods, evergreens provide a great wind block.Trees provide you an excellent shade during hot days of summer. If there is a pond, lake or a river nearby you it will be useful for you where it will be draining too. Stay away from dirty water. Tent space and cooking space is very important for camping.

  1. Fire:

If you are in an extreme frigid conditions, fire can give you heat and keep your body warm. A fire will help you for doing many tasks like making shelter, cooking food and bedding. During camping, you can’t expect clean and hygienic water so make use of fire and boil it, after the whole day camp you may need a lot of water to survive. In case of any emergency situations, the fire or smoke will help the rescue team to identify you. Starting a campfire will give you energy and make to feel good. It also makes you to feel very comfortable and safe.

  1. Use Glow Sticks:

It is nothing but a combination of two chemicals inside the stick. One chemical can be placed inside the glass tube and the other outside the glass. When you are travelling with kids, glow sticks can give much more enjoyment for them. Glow sticks are less expensive and it is less dangerous. It can also be used as an emergency light. During camping, just crack a few sticks and throw them into the tub, the glow will be brighter and you can enjoy bathing with your kids. It gives a spectacular joy and it will be a relaxing atmosphere for you. You can also mix colors together which will produce an emerging result. If you are taking many kids to camp, give each one a glow stick to put around their neck or hand. It helps you to identify them at any location. If you love to skate or ride while camping, then use some glow sticks on your skates or bicycle to make you visible to others. You can also wear it on your clothes, turn on some music and start to dance. You can just click a camera for a while with glow sticks to take a cool picture. Store glow sticks in a cool place for long-lasting brightness.

  1. Have First Aid packs:

When you are planning a camping trip, you must keep some life saving medicine to help at any unpredictable situations. If you are moving with a small group of people then pack limited items on your backpack. If you’re a car camper, then keep automobile emergency kit like antiseptic creams, ointments, sterile wipes, rinse solutions, anti-inflammatory medicine etc… You can use a top zipper plastic bag to store all the medicine. If your camping area is very cool, then have moisturizer and chapstick to make your body warm. While you are ready for camping, you need to be ready for accidents, so pack

  • Elastic Bandages
  • Blister Pads
  • Gauze Pads
  • Antibiotic Cream
  • Butterfly Bandages
  • Rubbing Alcohol

These vaccinations will help you to overcome at any spot. If you are camping in blistering conditions, keep sunscreen, lip balm, itch cream cool food items and clothing must be made of light fabrics like nylon and polyester. Keep moisturizing eye drops if you have the problem like redness of eye, blurred vision, burning. You can also pack some medicines like a safety pin, water purification tablets, medical gloves, fire starters, scissors, and tweezers.

  1. Go for a Ride:

You can enjoy your trip by taking part in races, mountain bike events and many other adventurous activities. You have to choose central location for camping so that you needn’t pack up camp and transport bikes every time for ride. Travelling on a bike will be an adventure and it may be unpredictable. Before you start your ride; make sure that climatic conditions are good, where you are travelling for the day and what food you are going to have. Also ensure you have the right type of bike for your activity – start by checking out the range of Enduro Bikes in Colorado, for example, Beware of choosing lightweight and quality gear bike for riding. You can wear synthetic fabrics, shots due to quick drying and have athletic shoes or sandals for a long walk.

  1. Air conditioner:

If you’re camping during hot days, the heat can harm you badly. Most of them are not frequent to a humid climate, so it may be arduous to sleep or stay inside the tent without cooling. If there is no power supply, you can use battery operated conditioners to cool the tent. You may be spending the whole day for hiking, riding or trekking so your body needs a good night sleep. Once the tent is frigid, you can sleep comfortably and the power of air conditioner can be reduced because outside degrees will keep your tent cool enough.


Above are some of the tips that will guide you in preparing for the camping and make it more interesting. If you are a frequent travel or camping person, share your story and tips about camping, like those on tent clubs that will help our readers as well. I hope you will enjoy the trip and get the sink to nature.