When you go camping, what do you take? Of course, you’ll need to pack the tent itself, as well as tent pegs, a mallet, camping bed, and your sleeping bag. But what else do you take?

Here are the top eleven camping items that you shouldn’t leave home without.

  • A Torch

If one thing is certain, when you’re out camping; it will get dark. 

Take a torch with you. But do remember that you’ll either need batteries that are powerful enough to last the whole time that you’re away; or a rechargeable or wind-up torch. 

  • Matches or a Lighter

If you need to make a fire to stay warm, or light your camp stove; you’ll need a lighter or matches. You might be best taking both so that you have a spare in case one doesn’t work. The last thing you’ll want is to be stuck without a flame. 

  • Emergency Charger

Getting away from it all and camping means no smartphones. That said, you should still take your phone in case you run into trouble on your trip and need to call the emergency services. 

Don’t get caught with a flat battery though. A poor signal can drain your battery quicker. Take an emergency charger with you. 

  • A Camp Stove

Take a small camping stove with you and some food that you can easily cook. Tinned food is ideal. 

Make sure you have enough gas for your stove. 

  • A Metal Food Container

If you want to eat, you’ll need a food container to eat your food out of. Make sure that you get a metal tin and you can use it over your stove to cook your meal too. Be careful, the container will be hot. 

  • A Puzzle Book

Need something to do to fill your evening? Puzzles like sudoku can help you kill some time. learn more about puzzle book subscriptions. 

  • A Multitool

There are lots of things that you might need your multitool for. Use it for opening your tinned foods, preparing wood for a fire, or to trim rope. 

  • Water

Don’t go camping without plenty of water. Dehydration is no joke. If you can, keep it somewhere cool. Bring as much water as you can carry. 

  • Navigation Tool

If you are planning on walking anywhere, the last thing that you are going to want to do is to get lost. 

Take a map and a compass. While digital technology will be helpful; batteries can go flat. A traditional compass will never let you down. 

  • A Raincoat

Don’t get caught in the rain. You probably won’t have much space for too many clothes so you won’t want to get soaked. 

Take a good raincoat that has a good lining. 

  • First Aid Kit 

Major injuries are rare on camping trips; however, small cuts are very common. It’s important that you get any cuts and scratches cleaned up as soon as you can so that they don’t get infected. A well equipped first aid kit will allow you to do this.