Whether you work as a first responder, law enforcement officer, or in another public safety capacity, you’ll know the risks you are exposed to every day are not to be underestimated. Alternately, if you are thinking about a career in public safety, you should be aware of any potential dangers. Working with the public means putting yourself in dangerous environments every day. You should therefore never overlook the importance of looking after your own health while working to protect the public. It will be difficult for you to effectively help others if your own safety is at risk, after all! While it is impossible to create an exhaustive list given the variety of roles covered by the term ‘public safety’, there are still several accessories which would be helpful to anyone out in the field. Here are a few items any public health officer would be glad to have on their person. 

Utility Belt 

Working in public safety inevitably means putting yourself in dangerous situations, where responding quickly is often crucial. It is therefore important that, for your own safety, any tools you require are immediately accessible. This is particularly true for police work, where being able to quickly draw a weapon can be the difference between life and death. The best way to then ensure you can always access your equipment as quickly as possible is by investing in a tactical utility belt. If you work as a police, EMT or first-response officer, it is fairly likely that you will have been issued a duty belt as part of your uniform. However, standard issue belts may not be designed to effectively carry the weight of a lot of equipment, and can become frayed over time. Having a belt specifically designed for carrying several tools can consequently be beneficial to your health and comfort. 

Tactical Boots

Working in a role that requires constant movement can take its toll on your feet quickly, if left untreated. A pair of robust and comfortable tactical boots can thus be a great way of looking after your health in this regard. Traditional laces and zips can often come loose when running, too, making standard footwear undesirable for a variety of reasons. Specifically designed for use among public safety personnel, tactical boots are supportive enough to protect your feet while also being secure enough to not loosen when you need them the most. Some pairs also have certain design features that may be desirable based on your specific role, such as steel toe-caps and extra-thick soles.

Protective Chest Armour

The unpredictability of public safety work means that having some protective clothing over your critical organs is never a bad idea. This is a given in police work, but even in less directly dangerous roles such as first-response, it is likely you will be put in scenarios where you’ll be thankful for having it.  Chest armour varies a lot in terms of strength and weight. You can therefore match the style of armour to your particular profession. If your role requires a lot of travel on foot but are not often in direct danger, you can opt for something more lightweight, for example. Police in more high-risk lines of work may opt for heavier but more protective body plating.