Regular readers of this blog will be well accustomed to most types of shooting. However, there may well be a few different shooting practices that you aren’t so familiar with – and some of these are pretty cool too. Read on and see how many of these shooting games you are aware of and have tried before – some might surprise you.

  1. Gel Balling

Armed with a gel blaster, the epic sport of gel balling is an entirely different way of shooting. With guns in all sizes from pistols to rifles, there is something for everyone, especially beginners. Gel balling gets its unique name from the small biodegradable gel balls that act as bullets in this crazy, fast-paced game. These are made almost entirely of water, meaning that they waste away after just 24 hours. 

There’s no need for a license to shoot either due to the game’s safe nature, so if you haven’t got one but are still interested in guns, then this could be the sport for you. Plus, it’s loads of fun and there are plenty of competitive leagues that you can join to take part individually or as a team. This could improve your teamwork, help you to meet and make new friends and, arguably most importantly, is great exercise at the same time. 

  1. Clay Pigeon

If you are a bit of an adventure seeker, then clay pigeon shooting out in the wild may be more your cup of tea. Formerly an Olympic sport, clay pigeon shooting is the direct result of the outlawing of the shooting of real birds for competitive purposes. Having high accuracy is important to this game. If you have a short barrel rifle such as PS90 SBR, you may consider upgrading your gun to increase accuracy.

That said, this can still be just as enjoyable and comes at no cost to life as the targets are made of clay, hence the game’s name. Normally a shotgun is used for this sport, so if that is your weapon of choice, then you are in luck here. Clay Pigeon shooting is pretty popular across the Western world too, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find somewhere to play with your friends.

  1. Popinjay

Finally, there is the unique sport of Popinjay, which might prove most popular among our readers due to its ability to be played with either a rifle or with archery equipment. Combining the two, Popinjay is globally renowned as a fun activity and is practiced in several different countries worldwide. The sport takes its name from the historic name for a parrot and a bird-like object in this shape is used as the target to aim at. There is even a Popinjay Festival which takes place every year – how exciting!

In summary, this is by no means an exhaustive list as there are all types of shooting games taking place across the globe. However, this run-down features some of our favourites that you might not have tried before. Let us know which you think are best and whether you will be giving any of them a go yourself. Remember to stay safe while having fun.