Kayaking is an incredible sport, from the water’s edge. Actually getting into a kayak or canoe is a different animal, and you’re likely to fall back on a few excuses. “Isn’t it dangerous?,” “I heard it was expensive,” or “I’m too scared” are all reasons for people to avoid an extremely fun hobby.

Some of the excuses are down to your individual traits. If you’re scared, you need to overcome your fears. However, others are driven by myths that are false. By believing them, you let mistruths prevent you from experiencing an activity that could become a significant part of your life.

Don’t let it happen

It’s Hard To Get Into

Not the kayak itself! The sport, as a whole, is a specialist activity as it requires a handful of essentials. You can’t do it without water or a vessel and protective clothing. Thankfully, you don’t have to look far. For example, kayak classes take place on rivers, lakes, and even swimming pools. Water shoes for kayaking and hiking are available at all good sports stores, while you can rent a kayak for the first couple of attempts. It’s more accessible than you imagine. Google your nearest class, or read some fishing kayak reviews, and the answer will surprise you.

They Aren’t Stable

Like all good lies, this myth used to have an element of truth. In the past, kayaks were designed to sail long distances without expending energy, and stability wasn’t high as a result. To keep your balance, you had to be pretty handy in a kayak. Still, those were the old-fashioned designs. Today, the average kayak is incredibly stable and very easy to keep on top of the water. Yes, tipping is scary, and it is dangerous, yet it’s not the death sentence that people assume, which brings us onto the next myth…

You’ll Get Trapped

It’s worth noting that kayaking is an extreme sport, and as the name suggests, there are risks. One of them is tipping as you can lose your senses and become trapped underwater. Another thing to point out is that it very rarely leads to fatalities since rolling is quite straightforward. There’s no need for complicated movements or big amounts of upper body power to free yourself once you capsize. Whether you use the “C-to-C” or “Sweep” techniques, you’ll recognize that the key is to use your hips and paddle to your advantage. As long as you learn with an instructor first, you’ll be fine!

It’s Boring

On the flip side of the coin, you have people who think it’s boring. If you can’t get any kicks from zooming down white water at the speed of light, maybe you need another hobby! Regardless of whether you go down rapids or fish with a rod out the side, there are plenty of ways to spend the day on the water. You can explore, take part in competitions, and head out onto the high seas if you’re comfortable. 

If you still believe it’s boring, you can hop in a kayak and find out!