If you’re thinking of going camping this summer, you need to make sure that you do some new things. Otherwise, your camping trips will just get stale, and I’m sure that’s not what you want at all. Make the most of the four ideas below if you’ve never tried them out before. Each of them offers you something interesting and enjoyable to do while you’re camping.

  1. Take Your Bike

Taking your bike on a camping trip is definitely a good idea. If you don’t have a bike, places like jibs action sports sell them. You will then be able to explore the area where you’re staying much more easily. And you won’t have to rely on a car either. To be honest, a car can really ruin the effect when you are trying to camp and get back to basics, so this is definitely a good idea. You might find that your entire trip becomes a lot more enjoyable if you spend more time exploring what the area has to offer on the saddle of your bike.

  1. Make the Most of the Night Sky

The night sky is always stunning, but it’s more stunning when you’re out camping in the wilderness. That’s because you can escape light pollution. It’s much harder to see the night sky clearly when you’re in a town or a city because the light from buildings ruins the view. But when you’re out in the middle of nowhere and there are no unnatural lights messing things up, the night will be truly dark, so why not make the most of it? Take a telescope and spend your evenings getting lost in the stars.

  1. Only Eat What You Catch

If you live by this rule during your camping trip, you can really challenge yourself and make sure that things don’t get too stale and dull. Killing and catching your own food allows you to get back to basics and live how you’re supposed to live. Your caveman instincts will kick in before long, and you’ll be loving it in no time at all. Do some research before you head out on your camping trip. That way, you can be aware of what kind of hunting opportunities await you in the destination you’re heading to. Alternatively, bring along some emergency food, just in case. 

  1. Make a Rope Swing

There is something thrilling about creating and using a rope for tree swing in the woods. As long as you do it safely and make sure that you test it out before you give anyone else a try, it can be very fun. It’s also very simple, but then again, many of the best and most enjoyable things in life are. So, if you’ve never experienced the thrill of using an outdoor rope swing to get across a small lake or revine, it’s something that you should try out. Just be sensible with it and know what you’re doing before you actually go ahead.

Camping is all about enjoying the great outdoors and having fun with your friends or family, so put these ideas into action this summer.

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  1. Melanie Campbell

    Good Ideals and I will try next time.
    Thanks for your sharing!