If you believe that the odd scare of a deer is just part and parcel of the hunting experience, think again. Sure, your equipment is going to rattle from time to time. Your clothing will scratch and scuff against tree branches occasionally. However, none of that is an excuse for why you are scaring deer away, after miles and miles of stalking. There is a better way; to become the silent hunter. It sounds simple when thinking of making your hunt quieter. However, brands and industry have poured millions into researching just how they can make equipment and gear quieter. The latest hunting gear is definitely taking steps to make you feel as swift and silent as the wind bristling through the trees.

High-side hunting boots

Hunting boots are essential for your hunts. They are like hiking boots but they have a few extra features which gear them more towards stalking. The rubber of the sole is wrapped higher around the sides. This means that while you step over rocks, branches, piles of leaves, etc, your shoes will not brush up and make a noise. Leather scraping against a rock makes more noise than rubber. Not to mention, zero metal will be on the outside of your shoes. So the little metal hoops that keep your shoelaces from cutting the leather and perhaps there for style, will not be present. Even the glint from a piece of metal on your hunting boots may alert a deer.

Driving in is a thing of the past

Many hunters believe they should drive into the area of the hunt, and then get out to stalk on foot. Well, have fun walking a few miles because you just scared your prey. Who would have thought, a great big V8 truck would alert every animal in silent still forest, that a two-legged creature is approaching!? 

So, you need the latest innovation in hunting ebikes. These bikes can hold hundreds of pounds. That should be enough for you and most if not all your hunting gear. These ebikes have thick tyres, with mean grooves that just mulch through anything. You can use the extra power of the battery to get up hills, wade through streams, and just for when you get tired. Most of these hunting ebikes have rear and front tracks so you can transport your gear and your kill as well. Ebikes are also known to reach speeds of 28mph, so together with an average range of 30-90 miles, you should be set for your new stealth transportation.

Better hearing and sight

Deers have hearing that is two if not three times as good as human hearing. You might be making noise that you can’t even hear, but to a deer they are clear as daylight. Their sight is also great but not as adept as ours. Deers rely on their hearing more than sight to notice where the threat is coming from. Deer can hear sounds of 32-48,000hz up to half a mile away, especially over flat landscapes and still weather. This means, you could be walking out of the woods, rustling leaves as you go, and a deer that was in the middle of a field will disappear before you stick your head up. It’s a good idea to, therefore, be mindful of every step you take and try to get past the deer’s ears to get closer.

Hunt in the rain

When it’s raining or has been raining, the ground is soft and flexible. Twigs will not snap as likely, leaves will not rustle as much as tree branches will not grate against your clothing as much either. Although it may be annoying to hunt in the rain, it does even up the playing field a little bit. The sound of the rain and wind will make your approach more camouflaged. 

The rain will also wash some of your scent away and make it harder for the deer to smell you. Not to mention the humidity that follows after will mix all types of smells into the air and also make it harder for the deer to differentiate between the smell of you, a beaver, leaves, mud, etc. it can also limit the distance from which the deer can smell you, to about 50 yards.

Hunting in silence takes patience more than skill. Moving through the forest with hunting shoes is a must. Hunting in the rain is not for the faint of heart. You will need to pull yourself out of bed but it will be so worth it.