When you tell the kids that you’re going on a camping trip, the response might not be what you expected. Kids are so attached to all of the luxuries of home life that the idea of leaving behind all those screens and spending some time out in the wild sounds like hell to them. When they get there, they’ll probably realise that they were wrong and they’ll enjoy themselves. But you should still take steps to make the experience more fun for them and stop them from complaining the whole time. These are the best ways to convince your kids that camping is great

Get A Big Enough Tent

One of the things that put people off camping is the lack of comfort. The idea of being cramped in a tiny tent isn’t appealing and if you’ve got kids that fight a lot, it’s a recipe for disaster. You can avoid all of those problems by getting the right family tent. Space is always a priority; if possible, get a tent with multiple compartments so the kids each have their own space. Waterproofing is the second thing to look at because you’ll get an earful if the kids end up getting rained on. Getting a comfortable, spacious tent will make the trip a lot easier on the family.

If they’ve never been in a tent before, it might be worth doing a test run so they can get used to it. It’s always a good idea to put up a new tent for practice as well so set up in the garden and spend the night there before you head off on your trip.

Let Them Explore

The best thing about camping is exploring the wilderness so it’s important that you give your kids the freedom to do this. A lot of parents are more cautious about letting their children run off on their own these days but if you make them stay with you the whole time, they won’t get the full camping experience. You could even get them some little electric ATV’s from gotrax so they can ride around to their heart’s content and discover all of the wonders that the wilderness has to offer.

Pack For The Weather

Hopefully, you’ll be blessed with sunshine for the whole trip but all of your wishful thinking won’t guarantee that. There’s always a chance of terrible weather and if you’re not prepared for it, you’ll have a lot of grumpy kids on your hands. Always pack plenty of waterproofs as well as your shorts and t-shirts so you don’t get caught out by the bad weather.

Bring Plenty Of Games

While you might be content sitting in the sun and taking in the scenery when you go camping, kids need a lot more stimulation. They’ll quickly get bored if there is nothing for them to do so make sure that you bring some balls and games for them to play with while you’re there.

These simple tips will help you to get your kids to love camping as much as you do.