If you’re an experienced camper, you’ve probably got your routine down and are confident about exploring and setting up a (temporary) home in a variety of terrains. With camping, however, there’s always more to learn and these handy hacks could help you to enhance your trips. Want to camp like a pro? Here’s how:

  1. Prep food at home

Sure, cooking in the great outdoors adds to the atmosphere but preparing a meal from scratch in the wilderness can be tricky. To make camping trips easier, prep as many meals as you can at home beforehand. Even chopping ingredients before popping them into a storage container will make your life so much easier once you’re under the stars.

  1. Choose a rigid water container

All experienced campers know that a water container is absolutely essential when you’re out and about. What you may not know is how much easier it is to use a rigid water container. When you’re pouring and dispensing water, a rigid container will ensure nothing is wasted. You can purchase containers that both fold flat and are rigid when in use, so there’s no need to compromise when it comes to saving space either.

  1. Be ready for any terrain

If you combine camping with hiking, you’ll want to be ready for any terrain that you come across. Even if you’re not setting out to go rock climbing or wading, you can come across a tricky trail or a fast stream at any time. Having a manila rope and a carabiner to hand will give you extra support when faced with challenging terrain and reduce the risk of falls and injuries.

  1. Pack a lantern

A handheld or head torch should be on your list of essential camping equipment, but a lantern can make your trip far more enjoyable. The constant bright light of a torch is unnecessary when you’re relaxing in the evening, but a lantern will give off enough light to read, enjoy your surroundings and see your camping buddies!

  1. Always test new equipment

If you’ve been camping for years and can set up your tent in minutes, you might assume that you’re pretty familiar with everything the land can throw at you. However, don’t be tempted to set off with new equipment before checking it first. New designs and faulty products can throw your trip into disarray and may even leave you in a dangerous situation. By testing everything first, you can be confident that you’ll have everything you need when you’re in the wilderness.

Becoming a Pro Camper

The best way to enhance your outdoor survival skills is to get out and about as much as possible. Learning from an experienced camper is always useful, so if your friends or family members regularly go camping, ask if you can tag along. While first-time camping can be a little nerve-wracking, choosing an established campsite or a beginner’s trail will ensure you can enjoy your surroundings and overcome the challenge.