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The frequent use and possession of Glock have entitled it as America’s favorite handgun. This unique, reliable, semi-automatic, short recoil-operated, and powerful pistol is American’s most desired gun, as they invest much time in researching on it. In addition, the fact that it is made out of unique plastic material rather than traditional steel and its ease of carrying makes it a buyer’s favorite. Apart from its make and portability, there are several interesting facts associated with it that passionate gun enthusiasts may be interested in knowing.  

1. It does not Come with Preinstalled Maritime Spring Cups

It might come as a surprise for the Glock owners, but the much sought-after maritime spring cups are not installed in the traditional Glocks. Maritime cups are considered standard for a pistol since they allow water to flow through the spring cups in case the gun goes underwater. Unfortunately, the gun goes into a hydro-lock with only the spring cups and cannot muster enough speed to flare up a primer since the striker channel has water in it. 

The only Glock ever to have factory-installed Maritime spring cups is Glock 19X, and although you can custom order your Glock with pre-installed Maritime spring cups, the replacement of these cups is only available for 19X. In addition, Glock demands the suppliers to present the serial number of the pistols that require an upgrade, repair, or replacement. In addition, the fact that a glock 80 lower allows you to build your own G17 or G19-style handgun, is very inviting for the buyers.

2. Gaston Glock Tested the Prototype with Left Hand 

The maker of this gun, Gaston Glock, did not have a firearm testing facility at hand, nor had he stepped into a commercial firearm. Hence, he tested the prototype Glock by building a firing range in the basement of his house. Also, he did not build a fixture to carry out the test; rather, he shot independently with his left hand; in case the gun blew, he would still have the right one to draw out the mechanical plans.

3. Gaston Considered the Glock Grip Angle Significant

Gaston considered the grip angle as a significant element of the pistol. While several consider it useless, it is admired by many gun users. The importance of grip angle can be understood from the military doctrine behind it; to aim and shoot with one hand and blading yourself in front of the target. 

He invited several guests and asked them about their preference for a military sidearm. Eventually, he deduced the right grip angle. 

4. Glock Made its Hollywood Debut with Die Hard 2

Glock marked itself as the choice of the bad guys as it made an appearance in its first movie, Diehard 2. The creator did not care whether an antagonist or protagonist used the gun; rather, its blockbuster Hollywood debut meant everything to him.  

5. Glock 17 is not Named after its Capacity 

Gaston was a very creative arms inventor and proud holder of 16 patents before starting with his 17th patent, Glock 17. So the name Glock 17 and its capacity were merely coincident. On the other hand, glock 80 frame doesn’t mean it’s the 80th patent.

It is no wonder that this light and interesting pistol have become a preference for most Americans. Its durability and swift functioning make it stand out among other modern-day pistols.