No doubt that becoming skilled at archery needs much more than just a tour of the hunting store. Even though taking up an absolutely new sport can feel somehow intimidating, learning and sharpening your skills is actually just part of the fun! However, for you to do so, it is vital to have a solid foundation of all the basic techniques. If you are new to archery, properly understanding exactly what not to do can greatly assist you in improving your game and your technique.

  1. GRIP

Among the most common mistakes archers make is, gripping the bow too tightly. The main problem with gripping the bow too tight is that when you eventually release it, your tight grip can easily redirect the arrow hence create shots that are inconsistent. To avoid this, you can use a sling, which allows you to loosely grip the bow without necessarily worrying about it flying out of your hands. Well, there are many different types of slings, so it is important to check out a hunting store just to see which one exactly works best for you. Making sure that the bow is actually the appropriate size for your body is another perfect way to avoid a bad grip. It is good to try out the different models at a hunting store and seek proper guidance if you are not familiar with correct sizing.


The common archery stance basically involves placing your feet on every side of the shooting line, ensuring that they are shoulder width apart and steadily rotating them into a square stance. You can be sure that a solid stance is the basis to your game, so ensuring that it is consistent is very crucial. For beginners who find it hard to keep their footing consistent, putting a tape on the floor just to mark your foot placement can greatly assist in perfecting your stance.


If you are a beginner, perfecting your elbow positioning will greatly improve your shot, and also shield you from any kind of danger that may end up hurting you. The most common mistake most archers make is not being able to rotate their elbow straight up and down whilst drawing and even releasing the arrow. Luckily, this is very easy to correct. Just ensure that you check your elbow before you shoot and also be sure to maintain a straight position when shooting.


It is very easy to misjudge a target, and no doubt that using the wrong pin can lead to disastrous results. As a matter of fact, misjudging distance is among the most common mistakes, particularly amongst those that are new to archery. Although judging yardages only improves with practice, meanwhile you can opt for a rangefinder or try to place yard markers around your hunting spots.


A good form is vital, but good equipment is absolutely imperative. You can decide to practice technique all day long, but if your equipment is poorly maintained it will definitely affect your shot. It is important to think of your bow as you would a favorite car; ensure that you bring it to a hunting store for regular maintenance and tunings which will greatly help keep everything in working condition and avoid damage.

There is a common old saying, “The only mistakes we make are those that we never learn from.” As an archery beginner, you now have the advantage of learning from the many mistakes others have made in the past.