Safe hunting is a legal practice as well as a cathartic way to blow off steam. Hunters track animals and mix with Mother Nature for the thrill of the chase and the experience is everything. Technology, then, is a sore subject for many self-respecting aficionados. Plenty think it’s a synthetic version of taking part in a chase, while others see it as ruining the sport completely.

On which side of the argument do you come down? The truth is that it doesn’t matter if the result is the most important part of the hobby. Plus, there’s no doubt that gadgets can raise the standards. Imagine tracking a rabbit with skill and guile, and then think of a deer and times it by ten. Without the right equipment, the hunt is impossible.

Without further ado, these are the tools that every enthusiast should take on a trip.

#1: A ‘RC’ Drone

‘RC’ is a short and fancy way of saying remote controlled. Drones are getting popular because they can scope out targets from many miles away. Even better, RC helicopters can follow prey and provide a hunter with an insight into their behavior. Thanks to a drone, there’s no reason to spend countless, fruitless hours tracking animals with zero results. However, it has to be up to the standards of the industry or else it may not last the whole session and could break if it hits a snag. Some traits to look out for are brushless DC motors and flight controller software. The former allows for quiet and soundless pursuit, while controller software gives the pilot a bird’s eye view. FC software is what the Forces use in their military grade drones.

#2: Mobile App

If an unmanned aerial vehicle is too advanced, stick with familiar technology such as an app. Some hunters and anglers find it difficult to see how one can be handy, which is why they scoff. The truth is that an application is a permanent link to the internet, and that is where vital information is stored. So, iSonular, for example, accesses the web and relays the best times of day for fishing and hunting. With a digital device, participants can tailor their session around the most productive parts of the day for the best results. Another reason to carry an app is for animal interaction. Primos sends out calls which attract prey by pretending to be a member of the opposite sex. Instead of finding the animals, they come to you.

#3: State Of The Art Optics

Pulling the trigger is without a doubt the hardest part of hunting. Well, pressing it down is simple, but connecting with the prey is tricky. Optic zooms provide hunters with all the information they need to confirm a hit. For starters, there are data which tells the shooter the distance of the animal as well as the strength of the breeze. Plus, there is a moving target option that allows you to track prey from over one click away. ‘True’ hunters may see this tech as a sad state of affairs; however, it’s good enough for the military. All snipers know it’s about eliminating the threat and not relying on innate skills.

#4: Scent Control

One thing to remember is that animals have an acute sense of smell. Everyone knows how Great Whites can detect one particle of blood in a million. A Great White may not be on the menu, but the majority of animals are just as odor sensitive. Controlling your scent is imperative to ensure the target doesn’t spook and run away. Standing downwind from a deer is an option, yet there is a risk of being spotted. Don’t forget that a wild animal is on red alert and will use sight as well as smell and hearing. Scent control deodorants, then, are essential pieces of equipment, as is shampoo and soap. Smell blocking clothes are also available should you want to take it to the next level.

#5: GPS Device

Finding the prey is the main goal, yet you have to understand the terrain to be successful. Turning up in a field and hoping to come across game is a sure-fire way to spend a couple of lonely hours in the woods. The key is to research the environment beforehand and become familiar with Mother Nature. A GPS device can provide a hiding place to scope out targets or a perfect spot for an ambush. Or, it may offer a scent blocker thanks to natural, geological features.

Are there any other pieces of tech you would like to add to the list?