Did you know that you can fit your boat with a boat subwoofer? Or that you could install bespoke onboard lighting systems. There is an entire industry dedicated to boat modification and upgrades, and why not? After all, in these uncertain times, your boat is one of the small joys, and you should invest in making it as comfortable as possible. 

Hey, Alexa!

Did you know that you can bring all the convenience of smart tech to your boat? Just as you can automate many things in your home, you can use similar tech to kit your boat. The biggest problem is noise, and there is a solution. 

Instead of shouting over the sounds of the engine, you can install a directional microphone in the captain’s seat. By doing that, the system will detect only your voice. This tech can then change the lighting, turn devices on and off, and do more at your command. 

Sound Solutions

Speaking of the noise, you may want to entertain without your guests screaming their lungs out to hear each other. To that end, we recommend soundproofing your boat’s cabin. But, again, it is a much less expensive upgrade than one might think.

Using simple noise-canceling padding, which you would use in a hame studio, you can render the cabin soundproof. Nevertheless, you can also upgrade the sound system on your boat.

Light The Way

LED strip lighting is cheap as nails, and when used tastefully, it can bring your boat to life. You can combine vivid colors, such as blue or red, with traditional white LED lights to create a lighting setup that inspires the imagination without looking like a tacky race car.

In the same way, you can use LED strip lighting on your boat’s hull, just above the water, to create an incredible lighting effect that highlights the ocean around you. Just make sure that you don’t take your boat out in an area where lighting is prohibited. 

Harman Who?

You might find something missing from your boating experience if you enjoy music, but it need not be. There are a couple of types of audio technology that allow one to bring a quality sound system to the high seas. First, we mentioned adding a subwoofer to your boat. Most boats have a lot of hollow chambers.

And wouldn’t you guess it? That is what you need to get the most from a subwoofer. In addition to the sub, quality speaker systems that use directional sound can turn your boat into a media and entertainment hotspot that rivals your home theatre.

Comfortable Seating

Many boats are purpose-built. That is perhaps because the engineers who design them are, well, engineers. Function often trumps form, or in this case, comfort. But fret not. You can easily modify any existing seating to make it more comfortable.

Whether you’re getting into boat fishing or recreational sailing, comfortable seating can make a massive difference to your experience. 

You can also purchase bespoke boat seating. Unfortunately, these comfortable seats often look like padded bar stools or race car bucket seats. However, some companies make more tasteful options.