Are you looking for the right bow for your archery needs? Do you want tips for buying your very first bow? If the responded these questions with a yes, then this is the place where you need to be. In this article, you will get to know about the 5 tips that you can mull when buying your very first bow. So, without further ado, let us take a look at these handy tricks.

  1. Decide the Type of Bow You Want

You need to choose whether you want a traditional or a compound bow for that matter. A traditional bow is the one that is a recurve or a longbow. Plus, these bows have no ‘pulleys’ or wheels and are just made up of a string and stick. For instance, the one you can see in ‘The Hunger Games movie.’

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Then, there are compound bows that are equipped with ‘pulleys’ and wheels. If you want to play the game traditionally and in a simple way, then you should opt for a recurve or traditional bow and if you want speed, range, and accuracy in your game, then a compound bow is suitable for you.

  1. Determine Your Shooting Type

Now, you need to consider whether you want the bow for target shooting, hunting, or both of them. Additionally, you must know the type of shooting targets or game you fancy. If target shooting is your aim, such as 3D or paper targets specifically for competitions, then you can buy a target bow. For hunting, you can use a variety of bows with different axle-to-axle length and brace height. This depends on the place and objects you want to hunt.

  1. New vs. Old

Just like other things, it is crucial to consider whether you want to buy a new or an old bow. A new thing always seems better than a used one but then the latter is inexpensive. Nevertheless, both new and old bows have their own advantages.

An old bow can save you money so that you can get started as a beginner and know about bows, their operation, and everything else. On the other hand, a new bow will be shiny and only owned by you. However, a new bow would be expensive, yet it will come with a valid warranty.

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  1. Know About the Price of Bows

A used recurve bow can cost you as less as $50, whereas a used compound bow that is nearly 5 or 6 years old can cost you over $350. Additionally, if the compound bow is less than 5 years old, then it can cost you around $600 to $700. A new compound bow can cost you nearly $300 to $1500 for just the bow and $500 to $2500 for a whole ready to shoot bow set-up. In general, entry-level bows are priced between $300 and $400.

  1. Take Help From an Archery Club

You can take advice from an archery club if you want to. Archers can tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of different bows. So, if you are the one who wants to shoot at an archery range, you can get in touch withsome expert archers beforehand.

They can help you to buy the right beginner bow for yourself as per your needs. You can also ask them for used bows if any of them wants to sell theirs for an inexpensive amount. Plus, they can also tell you the places from where you can buy one.

You can use these hacks for buying a nice bow for yourself. You can also save more on sports equipment with discount codes. No matter whether you are into archery just for interest or want to take it up as a profession, you can only improve at it when you have the right bow, which is the very first step to winning a game of archery.