Tubular bandanas have become common wear for most people around the globe. They have lightweight for putting on, and they are very convenient to pack. Also, you will find them machine washable, making it easier to keep them clean and maintain. More importantly, tubular bandanas are pretty versatile. Therefore, you can put on and use them in many different ways. Are you wondering how to make good use of this stylish fashion wear? Here are the 5 ways to use your tubular bandana to help you get started.

1. Mask for social distancing
With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing a face mask when in public spaces is a requirement for keeping you healthy. A tubular bandana can be the best choice for serving this particular role. Even if you have it in your backpack, you can easily put it on and pull it over the mouth and nose whenever you need to.

2. Excellent sweat rag for the head
If you often go for sweaty hikes or exercises, a tubular bandana can be the perfect option for your sweaty head. The material used to make it is quite stretchy and doesn’t slip off the head easily. Therefore, it can help keep your head cool and wipe off the sweat without getting wet easily.

3. Use as headband
For fashion enthusiasts, a tubular bandana gives you the easiest way to add style to your head. It looks elegant yet stylish that can help keep your long hair intact on the head and prevent it from falling into your face. Moreover, these bandanas are available in many colors and patterns from which you can choose one that matches your outfit.

4. A versatile scarf
Tubular bandanas come in handy and can serve best as scarfs. As such, you can wear it, even walking across the streets or hiking, traveling and much more. Besides, their lightweight and super soft lining make it excellent for keeping you warm during chilly weather.

5. Whole face coverage
As stated earlier, tubular bandanas work well as face masks. But, it can help keep you warm during extremely cold weather. In other words, a tubular bandana can cover your entire face, especially the nose, mouth, ears, and upper part of your head. Therefore, it can keep your head and the face bundled up in warmth.

Bottom Line
That said, a tabular bandana is not only fashionable but also incredibly versatile wear for many people. They are readily available in a wide array of designs, making it easier for you to find one that suits your desire and personality. Whether you are looking for yourself, your friend, or a kid, you can find the perfect size you desire.