The outdoors is a magical place, and whether you love being surrounded by greenery or the feel of the sunshine on your skin, there are so many activities to keep your occupied. From things that keep your heart racing to more relaxing sports, there are many different options to choose from.

In this article, we are going to take a look at six different activities for those that love the great outdoors. Interested? Then let’s get started!


Certainly, one of the most popular outdoor sports, fishing can be a great way to connect with family and friends while enjoying life out on the water. While you do need to follow specific rules and get a fishing license, the process is generally quick and easy to understand. You can choose to participate in competitions or just enjoy catching something for dinner, but both are a lot of fun. Check out these best fishing places in the US if you are thinking of getting started!

Horse Riding

If you have a passion for animals, then riding can be an incredible pastime. Not only do you get to enjoy galloping through the beautiful outdoors, but a bond with a horse and its owner is extraordinary. Alongside the fun of riding and caring for your horse, you can also choose to enter competitions or even look into breeding. Try checking out this horse property for sale in Utah if you’re searching for the perfect space for these fantastic animals.


Hiking is an excellent activity for those that love exploring new routes and unseen destinations. Alongside the benefits of sights and sounds, it’s also incredible for your health. You can build strength in your muscles, improve your blood pressure, and it can even assist your mental wellbeing. Just make sure that you always communicate with someone before taking off and make sure to prepare yourself for emergencies. Take a look at these other hiking safety tips for more information.

Rock Climbing

Love a bit of thrill and adventure? Then rock climbing might just be the perfect outdoor sport for you. While it is possible to train indoors (to get your experience up), there is nothing quite like hitting some of the popular rock faces across America. From Yosemite to the Red River Gorge and Smith Rock State Park, the options are endless.


Archery is an incredible sport for those that love a bit of competition and is a great way to build confidence. From hunting to target shooting, there are different options for everyone. It’s even known for improving focus, patience, and accuracy! Check out these types of bows if you are interested in getting started.


Last on the list, kayaking is another great outdoor sport for those that love getting in the water. You can see incredible sights and sounds, get together with family and friends, and even throw in a bit of friendly competition. Whether you’re in the ocean, deep in a sea cave, or out on the river, there is always some fun to be had!

And that’s it! These were six different activities for those that love the great outdoors. What do you think? Would you give one of these a try?