Being a gun owner requires a high level of responsibility. You need to ensure that weapons are stored properly, and they should not be accessible by other people in your household, especially young children. While you need to protect your gun from mishandling, you should also keep your gun well-maintained so it can adequately function when required. This helps to prevent any potential accidents, injuries, or deaths.  

Here are the top tips for effectively maintaining your guns safely:  

  1.     Consider A Gun Holster

If you travel with your gun, consider buying a holster to keep it safe while on the road. Some people may prefer to place their firearms in their bags. While that can be an easy way to move them from place to place, opting for a holster is a better option for your gun.  

Look for the best IWB holster in your price range, which will allow you to keep your gun safe and prevent any damage that can occur when placed in a bag with other items. A holster also helps to keep the moisture out away from your gun – if moisture gets in, it can negatively affect performance when you need to use it. Remember that a cheap holster rarely represents good value; invest in a good-quality item to fully protect your firearm. 

  1.     Read The Manual

While it can be tiresome to read your gun’s manual, you need to set aside some time to spend on reading it thoroughly, as this will help you to maintain your weapon in perfect condition. Not only can you keep your guns clean and operationally sound, but it can also save a life that might otherwise be lost if safety precautions are not adhered to.  

The manual clearly states how you can arm and disarm a gun. It also includes the proper maintenance procedure. Especially with delicate firearms, you need to follow a particular cleaning process as mishandling could cause damage, diminishing the quality of your gun. 

As soon as you have purchased your firearm, always read the manual to avoid accidents or sub-par performance.

  1.     Learn To Disassemble Your Firearms

When cleaning your gun, the first thing you need to do is disassemble it, so that each part can be maintained individually. You can read the user manual for proper gun disassembly instructions. This is especially important when cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your firearm. 

Doing this regularly will make it almost impossible for dirt or dust to accumulate over time.  

  1.     Unload The Gun When Not In Use

Treat your guns as an electronic device with removable batteries. When you don’t use them, you need to remove the batteries to avoid developing rust, as it could affect your device’s energy source. The same goes for your guns. To avoid unnecessary damage, you should unload your firearms when you don’t need to use them.  

More importantly, when you unload your weapon, you’re also minimizing the possibilities of unintentional fire. This is a critical safety step, as it will prevent people – especially children – from inadvertently harming themselves or others. 

  1.     Use Proper Cleaning Materials

If you plan to clean your gun on your own and not take them to a gun cleaning service, you should use proper cleaning materials and avoid using DIY formulas as much as possible.  

Only use materials designed to clean and maintain your guns, as they help them withstand heat, friction, and high-speed movement in the barrels, as well as preventing rust. With proper materials, you can guarantee that your guns will stay in perfect working condition.  

  1.     Clean Your Gun Regularly

Once you have the right supplies available, you should practice cleaning your gun regularly. Depending on the purpose of your weapon, you should try to clean them after each day of use just to be sure that they’re in good condition all the time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with gun maintenance, especially when lives are at stake.  


The day you’ve become a gun owner should be the very same day you become a responsible owner. Apart from storing your gun away from other people, you have to know the proper ways to maintain and clean it, to keep it in perfect condition as long as possible. It’s also useful to know the reciprocity maps to know which states will honor your permits in case of travel. 

Proper cleaning and maintenance are not only about keeping a weapon in tip-top shape, but it this also promotes gun safety, as an unmaintained firearm can impose safety concerns. In addition, you must always remember to practice proper gun safety for a peaceful environment.