Bow Hunting is a thrilling experience since archery is always full of action. Even the best bowhunters find it challenging yet gratifying and extremely rewarding since it’s a tough job, especially when putting an arrow to an elk.

Either you’re getting started in elk hunting or improving, here are some guides to hone your skills and knowledge:

  1.  Educate Yourself About Elks

Before you hunt, ensure that you have knowledge of bow hunting an elk. Spend the time to educate yourself and study your prey, so you know what strategy and elk hunting broadheads are best for your hunt.

To help you be familiarized about elks, here’s vital information you need to know before going on in a hunt:

Elk Hunting Terminologies – these are the samples of common terms used by elk hunters:

  • Bull – A male elk
  • Cow – A female elk
  • Calf – a baby elk (regardless of gender)
  • Spike – yearling bull elk
  • Rut – mating season for elk
  • Herd Bull – the most dominant male of an elk herd
  • Ivories – the two teeth on the lower jaws of an elk

Elk Talk /Vocalizations – before heading out for a hunt, it’s necessary that you understand every sound that an elk makes and the meaning behind it. Here are some types of elk vocalizations:

  • Bugle – It’s the sound made by a male elk. It can be a sign of dominance. It’s also an indication of a warning to other bulls and readiness to fight.
  • Chirps/Mew/Squeals – just a simple communication among the group
  • Bark – the barking sound is very abrupt. It’s used as an alert and letting the group know that there’s a danger.
  • Chuckle – It’s a series of grunts following a bugle. It can be used in combination with a bugle to illustrate to draw out bulls with the implication of dominance.
  1. Have the Right Elk Hunting Equipment

Elk Hunting requires a lot of time since it can be a day-hunt or even longer.  Your gear or equipment will help you survive and hunt an elk. If not properly geared, you may end up having sores, and no elk hunted. Here are basic equipment that you need to wear before heading out for a hunt:

  • Boots – make sure you have a durable set of boots since hunting requires hiking. Otherwise, you’re going to have blisters while having an uncomfortable hike. 
  • Arrow and Crossbow – since the bow isn’t one size fits all, you need to find the right bow that suits your body.
  • Broadheads – aside from arrows and a crossbow, you need to have the right broadhead to take down an elk. Choose the ones that are legally available, penetrates deeply, durable and sturdy, sharp blades, and has a perfect diameter. This will ensure you to take down an elk easily.
  1. Follow Hunting Laws and Regulations

Hunting rules are different in each state so it’s important to understand the laws and regulations of the country where you’ll be hunting. These laws and regulations are implemented to protect the population of animals to manage their growth and endangerment. Without these restrictions, hunters might kill all the elks which can endanger the ecosystem.

Moreover,  as part of the law, always carry your hunting license and document before heading out for a hunt. It will help you avoid penalties and punishments when state game officers and officials request your license at any time of their inspection.

  1. Join Experienced Hunters

When you go for your first hunt, tag along with someone who has experience in hunting elk. Experienced hunters can help you improve your hunting skills. Some will even give you tips and strategies to make your hunting enjoyable and prosperous. Their tips may be based on their personal experiences not just on books. Moreover, when you associate yourself with the right crowd, you may end up acquiring their best hunting strategies.

  1. Be Physically and Mentally Fit

Like every physical activity, hunting requires strong stamina with the right attitude. Therefore, you must be in shape before heading out for a hunt. For instance, expect to be oxygen-deprived when hunting on a mountain. Also, you might be walking at least six miles per day in rough terrains when you’re about to have a 10-day hunt. The better your physical condition and mental well-being are, the better your odds of surviving a hunt.


Bow Elk Hunting may be difficult, but with proper knowledge, practice, and discipline, you’ll have a successful elk hunt using bows. Moreover, studying a guide in bow hunting will gear you up on what you need to expect and do during the hunt. When you’re prepared, you can survive your first hunt.