Canoe fishing embodies a quiet elegance. People have been using it for years due to its simplicity and tranquillity. Plus canoes are incredible in accessing remote waters and areas where larger boats may not work.

Of course, canoe may not provide all the comfort, luxury, and convenience you want. If you don’t outfit it correctly, it may get uncomfortable with time. Plus, if you’re not careful, you can capsize easily when battling a fish.

Since canoes won’t have enough space, you’ll need to minimize on the gears. Only carry what’s essential for the exercise. If you have a canoe and are serious about fishing, don’t worry. With little creativity and following tips, you’ll be able to make it.

  • Consider Waterproofing Options

As a newbie to canoeing, you’ll need to master the paddling and balance techniques. As you learn, expect the canoe to tip over some few times.

Even if you’re an expert, you’ll have to be wary of powerful wind and dangerous weather conditions.  Be sure to wear floatation clothing every time you use a canoe.

The risk of capsizing is the main reason why you should waterproof your canoes. Have waterproofing cases and bags. They’re essential if you’ll be taking any valuables with you. If it’s on a cold day, you may consider an extra set of clothes in a waterproof bag. It’ll come in handy.

You can get these waterproofing bags and cases from fishing equipment shops. Here, you’ll get enough bags for any conceivable use.

  • Secure Items to Your Canoe

As you sail out to go fish, don’t forget to carry an extra paddle. Sure, you’ll have other things with you in the excursion. But be sure to clip them to your boat.

In doing so, you’re not only preventing them from falling out. But it also ensures the boat remains quitter. Having the gears rolling at the bottom creates noise that may scare the fish away.

When choosing where to secure items in your boat, consider the weight balance. A good balance is a key to best maneuverability and performance of your canoe.

  • Consider Adding Stability

Canoes are more susceptible to tipping and wind. As such, it may be challenging to battle a fish in them. But if you’re using a two-person canoe, the other person can paddle as you pull in your catch.

But what happens if you’re using a one person canoe? Well, consider outfitting your boat with a motor or an anchor. They’ll be helpful when you go fishing in a river or where the current is high.

  • Ensure you’re Comfortable

Fishing takes time. It requires patience and persistence. That’s why you need to be comfortable. If you become uncomfortable in your canoe, you’ll grow impatient.

So to many, comfortable sitting may seem like a luxury. But a serious fisher knows that’s a necessity. So, if your canoe only has a bare bench, consider installing cushions on your seat.

However, if you prefer kneeling to sitting, you can use carpets or adhesive kneeling pads. Ensure the choice you make is comfortable.