Airsoft is a popular game played by the whole planet. It is an exciting sport that requires attention, the ability to build your strategy and tactics. The game teaches you to instantly make decisions, think and react quickly to changes on the battlefield.

You can play airsoft in a large company. This game is suitable for those who appreciate weapons and all military themes. But skill is not enough thing to win. That’s why you need to buy good equipment such as airsoft guns, masks that can also be used for paintball, etc. Its part is a night vision device for airsoft.

How to choose airsoft equipment?

For many, playing airsoft has become a real hobby. You can play during the day and night. The dark time of the day adds even more excitement. To accurately hit the target at night, it is necessary to equip the airsoft weapon with a night vision scope.

It is not for nothing that airsoft has become so widespread. It is in this game that everyone can feel like a hero on the battlefield. With peaceful weapons are played out real battles. The equipment must be tuned to your wishes. By equipping your shotgun model with additional elements, you increase the quality of shooting and the sharpness of the sensations.

The greatest pleasure arises when playing in the dark when the enemy is hard to notice. The night vision scope solves this problem quite easily and gives an additional advantage over the opponent.

Devices designed to improve visibility at night can be divided into the following types:

  1. Monocular. It can be used as attachments for weapons. It’s lightweight. To use it, you must wear goggles or a mask to protect your eyes. 
  2. Binocular.  When you are playing, a large viewing angle gives consists of two electronic optical converters.
  3. Pseudobinocular. It has one single optical outlet and a simple design. It is one of the most common types of night vision devices.

Remember! This type of optic with high humidity and dampness loses its performance characteristics. 

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How does a night vision device work?

There are four main components:

  • optics;
  • gain;
  • image building system;
  • backlight.

The main element in these devices is an electronic optical converter and optics. The approximation depends on the size of the diameter (the size of the devices and weight directly affect this characteristic).

The best image can be obtained with a large amount of ambient light (starry sky, moonlight, or infrared light). The picture is broadcast in either green or gray colors.

Handle the mechanism correctly and do not point it at bright light sources. This can lead to burnout of the phosphor (decrease in the sensitivity of the device).

When buying a device, you need to pay attention to:

  • reliability;
  • quality;
  • magnification level;
  • picture quality;
  • optics capabilities;
  • eyepiece.

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