When you first get into kayaking, you have the impression that all you need is a paddle and a strong pair of arms. But the more time you spend in the boat, the more you realize there’s more to it than that. Kayaking is just like any other sport: accessories matter. But which? Let’s take a look. 


Sometimes you want to take more than just your body out on open water. Often, you’ll stow a drinks bottle or a snack in your boat so you can grab something quick while you paddle. Unfortunately, the moment you enter rougher waters, all your stuff starts slipping and sliding all over the place. It’s a nightmare trying to keep it all under control. 

Carabiners offer a solution. These allow you to lash things to your kayak, so they don’t move around or float to the river’s bottom when you capsize. Most kayakers prefer a keyed setup. They keep a chain around their waist with a keyring on it and then use it to open the carabiners and access the stuff they need when they need it. You can find out more about carabiners at Outdoor Life Lab

Paddle Leash

Having a floating paddle is helpful. But, you’d prefer it if it couldn’t get away from your boat at all. After all, if you lose your oar in the water, you can’t exactly go racing after it. 

Paddle leashes are helpful inventions that make capsizing less catastrophic. If you happen to be upside down in the water and lose grip of your oar, it doesn’t matter. It’ll remain attached to your boat, no matter what the river or sea throws at you. You don’t have to worry about it floating away, allowing you to enjoy your day even more.

Flotation Vest

Wearing a flotation vest is something that everyone who plans to be out on open water should wear. Conditions on rivers and seas can change rapidly, and you can quickly find yourself in trouble. 

Flotation devices, like those available from places like Jetpilot, are crucial for safety reasons. Once you pop them on, you no longer have to worry about how long you can tread water. And if you can’t swim at all, they could save your life. Here are some more life jackets for sale to choose from. 

Dry Box

Dry boxes are for things that you can’t afford to get wet – like your cheese and Marmite sandwiches. But most kayakers don’t have them, instead preferring to rely on their skills in the water—bad idea. 

Dry boxes or dry bags are great for any food, medicines, or electronics – like your camera. Once you have one, you can enjoy taking some great pictures

Emergency Kit

Kayaking sounds like a lot of fun – and it is. But to be able to enjoy it, you need to go prepared. That’s why many people who regularly take part in the sport always bring things like sunscreen, bug spray, waterproof matches, extra rope, utility knives, and flashlights with them. They never know when conditions might get a little hairy. Kayaking accessories, therefore, are all about preparing for the worst.