Sense the unseen

Each bow has a personality, as does each arrow to a lesser degree.  That personality must be largely sensed/intuited.

“Feeling” and interacting with the unique nature improves the relationship.  Harmony. Awareness.

Tension and relaxing

The string/bow requires holding tension in specific parts of the body, and relaxing all others

Life can trigger tension in our body and/or mind, and finding peace that is also present is beneficial

The release

With tension and relaxation coexisting, the relaxation takes over most of the tension to create a clear, clean shot

The tightness in body and mind can be consciously controlled to transfer peace to where there is tension

Focus and openness

The focus on the aiming point is critical, as is a gestalt/overall awareness of the body and mind, simultaneously

Tightly holding on to a singular aim, or element of the world/interaction, limits creativity, options, and awareness


Attention is a limited resource, and in archery we must spend it solely and stilly on our mind and body focused on the shot

The “twitch”/digital brain flits and dances. A “minute” of stillness and focus improves our “aim”

Real practice

Shooting a single arrow well, with mind and body in synch and in flow, is better than 60 arrows with less care

When one sloppily aims one’s attention, learning, direction, accomplishment, one’s mark is more or less hit at “random”

Perseverance and achievement

Accuracy at archery is attainable.  8 year olds can get a perfect score at 30 meters, and adults are essentially limitless.

We can sell ourselves short, figuring we are not capable/not possible.  How do you know if that is true or not?

Studying is never too late. You can read more about it at this website here


A perfect shot, dead-center yellow.  A grouping of all your arrows in center yellow. A particular score at ___ distance

Goals are wonderful, and, improvement is always possible, like chasing a rainbow, the pot of gold is always within us

Open to influence

An archer can always improve through the insight of others, offering their perspective and wisdom unavailable within us

Everyone benefits from teachers . . . perfection is impossible, and there are always those who have pieces to our puzzle


A sense of joy, play, and curiosity offers an openness and perseverance that is nearly effortless, and untiring

Frustration and impatience readily creep into our lives, and practicing play changes how learning occurs

Letting Go

We can only control the arrow when it is in the bow. Once in flight, we cannot influence it, no matter how hard we try.

Preparing is available to us, & things are then sometimes beyond our control; the consequences are part of us, & our responsibility.

We shoot and we let go to live our fullest lives with care.

Caring and non-attachment

There is a wanting in the flight and outcome of the arrow.  Holding that desire firm, yet not tight, yields accurate attainment

Striving and desiring are wonderful, while holding the process, and the “failure” of it, as a key and opportunity