Fundamentals of teamwork, focus, and determination are at the foundation for any corporation looking to succeed, whether you are working at Heat-Line or Nothern Mat; in fact, corporations often go in search of retreat options that help to provide these ideals and applications for their associates.  As an ability to attain these fundamentals as well as many more, corporations should consider archery as a corporate retreat idea.  Archery goes beyond a bow and arrow and helps to make teams and organizations more efficient and productive when taken part of as a retreat activity.  Let’s take a look at some of the unique benefits that archery provides as a Corporate Retreat:

Teamwork- Archery inspires competition.  At its fundamental, every individual that takes up a bow and arrow wants to be closer to the center of the bullseye as compared to another, or even challenging themselves to be better on each shot taken.  By evoking friendly competition in a retreat environment, group dynamics can evolve and the ability to observe leaders within a group can become possible.  Additionally, when working in a team-based competition with archery, communication skills and direction arise at the forefront and help in further development.

Fun- Work hard, play hard.  Organizations from around the world constantly review new strategies to retain top employees and provide an atmosphere that is enjoyable to work in.  Archery provides a unique opportunity for teams to engage with co-workers and the organization itself in a fun environment.  By creating lasting memories and enjoyment, companies improve their ability to retain high value employees and also yield impactful results as those that are having fun at their job will work harder for the company to achieve set goals.

Focus- Just as focus is required to provide strategic vision and planning, outstanding customer service, and optimal results within an organization, archery provides a platform in focus-integration for a corporate retreat.  Notching an arrow, aiming and firing to hit a target at a given distance require optimal focus.  To help enhance the skill of focus for participants, additional elements and variables can be adapted to an archery retreat that create distractions or obstacles that force participants to focus further in order to come away successful.

Determination- Similar to the fundamentals of focus, determination also becomes prevalent during archery sessions for corporate retreats.  Goals set as a part of an organization or business take time to achieve; those involved in the group must be determined to put in the effort necessary to achieve desired results and learn through the ups and downs to become successful.  This idea carries over in archery as every arrow that is fired and every new skill learned plays into the determination of the one holding the bow to become better in their skill and to achieve the result that they desire, learning that what they put into something is what they will get out in the end.

From team building to enhancement of skills such as focus and determination, archery retreats for corporations provides an optimal environment for the development of associates.  Typically low in cost as compared to other retreat options, archery can provide a full range of benefits to companies in an exciting and engaging environment that is guaranteed to yield results in team dynamics and performance.