Backpacking is a very fun and exhilarating thing to do. Backpacking in the wilderness is great when you do have the right pieces of equipment to help ensure that you are protected and to keep you going when the conditions do make a turn for the worse.

This backpacker checklist is designed to make life easier for you and to give you the opportunity to tick away on the items when preparing for your next backpacking outing.

In this article, you will see exactly which items we have ranked at the top and you will also see why they have been chosen in their particular slots. If you are an avid backpacker, this checklist will make life so much easier for you and you will never forget something important ever again.

The Best Way To Decide Which Things Are Important And Which Are Not

If you use these guidelines, you could easily decide which items will be the most essential that you could bring with you on your trip.

  1. Security: Security is the most important thing that you should always be concerned about when going out on your backpacking journey. When you make security and safety your number one priority, there should not be any unexpected problems that you might not be prepared for.
  2. Clothing and warmth: Clothing and warmth will be the second most important thing that you should keep yourself concerned about. Nature is very unexpected and the temperature could suddenly fall and leave you suffering.
  3. Optional items: Next, you should look at the optional items and decided whether or not you do have space to take them along on your journey. The optional items are great if you are already packing weight and you could easily add something like a Rubik’s cube just to pass some time before bed.
  4. Luxury items: Luxury items are generally last on the list and you should only include these items when you are finished with your main checklist. The luxury items will only be included when you feel that you have the extra weight available and you do genuinely need these items.

Now that you know how you should go about judging and checking for items, you should be fine when you have to make the daunting decision of what you should take and what you should leave. We have compiled a basic list of items that we would generally recommend for those going on a backpacking trip.

Top Items You Should Consider Taking Along On Your Backpacking Trips

Here are the most important items that should be in the bag of any backpacker. This checklist can definitely be used to make the decision easier and you should never be left without an important part of your kit.

  • The Bag: The bag is probably the most important part of the backpacker’s kit and this is used to put everything and to carry it along. If you are an avid backpacker, you will need to invest in a good quality backpack.
  • First Aid Kit: Having a first aid kit is also very important and you should definitely have a first aid kit for those sudden accidents that may occur. The first aid kit is considered to be a quintessential part of the backpacker’s kit.
  • Lighting: The lighting source is also really important and you should definitely look to have decent headlamp or torch to use when it is dark at night. This could ensure that you never lose your way and you will also have a better time when trying to do things at night.
  • Food: Food is also a really important part of the backpacker’s kit. Depending on how long you will be staying, you will need to ensure that you have enough food to carry you through this journey. We highly recommend over packing on food and while this might not be fun for the super minimalist, it will definitely ensure that you are always fed.
  • Lighter and/or matches: A lighter or any other tool that will allow you to start a fire is definitely essential and important when you are looking to get your food cooked. Yes, you might be inclined to use the portable stove, but when the igniting mechanism fails, you will be left with no means of cooking.
  • Map and Compass: The map and compass will ensure that you can find your way and you will never be left out in the wilderness without any sense of direction. The map and compass can also be replaced by a GPS, but these rely fully on technology and might not be the best options.
  • Sleeping gear: The sleeping gear is something that you should be thinking about and many might think that this is the most important piece of equipment that you should look at. Even though the sleeping bag is important, we also suggest that you try and also invest in a decent sleeping pad to keep you warm and sleeping comfortably.
  • Water Supplies: You will have to choose between carrying along all the water that you will be drinking on your journey, or you will need to take along a water treatment filter to help you purify some of the water and make it drinkable once again. The hydration bladder or water bottle will also be very important and should make it easier for you to carry along the water.
  • Tent or Shelter substitute: You will need to have some sort of shelter to keep you out of the elements and to make life that much safer when you’re backpacking in the wilderness. A really affordable tent or lightweight hammock could keep you away from the elements and will offer you that one extra piece of shelter that you need.

These items are considered to be the most important. You will also need to invest in the right clothing and this will vary depending on the season that you choose to go backpacking. Bertie at effortlessoutdoors.comsuggests that to stay warm in winter, layering clothes is absolutely essential, whereas for summer you definitely want more breathable outfits. Here are a few clothing items that we think you should consider investing in on your backpacking trip.

  • Warm clothing for the day: Many people might forget about the temperatures during the day and they could easily neglect to take something warm. You sleeping clothes should also be warm, but this is not generally suited for use during the day.
  • Shoes with great grip and durability: The shoes are also fundamentally key when you are backpacking and you will need to have the correct shoes to help you on your backpacking journey. These shoes should also be highly durable and be able to dry out quickly when it gets wet.
  • An extra pair of clothing: Many backpackers love to pack minimalistic and while this is a great approach, it might not always be wise. Having an extra pair of clothing could definitely make the strain a little less on your shoulders and you will not have to be as careful as when you only have one pair. We highly recommend that you do have a backup pair.
  • Rain Jacket or Poncho: The weather can take a turn for the worst very quickly when you are on your backpacking trip. You should always try and be prepared for this and having a good rain jacket or poncho will make life so much easier for you. This will help to keep your clothing dry and you should not need to worry about moving forward in the rain.

Now You Should Be Ready For That Backpacking Journey

With this checklist, you should be ready for the journey that lies ahead. Your backpacking trip will no longer be without essential parts and we would highly recommend that you save this list or use it as you basic guideline on your journey.

Since we love hearing so much from you, we would also like you to weigh in your opinion and share some of your thoughts on these tips. If you think we might have missed some of the other important tips, please share them in the comment section below.