Barnett Penetrator Review – Compound Crossbow

Barnett Penetrator crossbow reviewKEY STATS:

  • Speed: 350 fps
  • Draw Weight: 175 lbs
  • Crossbow Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Type: Compound

Barnett Penetrator Review:

The Penetrator crossbow is produced by Barnett for hunters. This crossbow has incredible power behind each shot whilst showing off a lightweight frame that is easy to move and manage. It has been made robust so it can be handled by any hunter, whilst staying sleek so it can be hidden easily. Like other Barnett crossbow the Penetrator features the Anti-Dry Fire adding that extra bit of safety as well as a high energy whiplash cam that aids quieter shots that are smooth and effortless.

The Barnett Penetrator has a newly designed thumb and finger guard to help protect you when shooting. It can also hold a lot of power in each shot, up to 350 feet per second, making it great for hunting larger animals at a longer distance. It is also designed to be easier to load, making hunting with this crossbow a graceful task. When you attach the scope you can get accurate shots from 40 yard up to 70 yards, which is also great for hunting. The scope is also very light and doesn’t add much weight to the crossbow, which helps to keep the shots precise.

There are many excellent aspects to this Penetrator crossbow including how easy it is to build out of the box, which means you will be using it in no time. As Barnett crossbows tend to have, this crossbow has a 5 to 1 safety factor, so do not fear that you will injure yourself when using this crossbow (as long as you operate within common sense limits). It also comes with a 5 year warranty to protect against workmanship and material defects, which is always appreciated.

Some issues that have been noted with the Barnett Penetrator crossbow include a fragile rope cocker. If the crossbow is not treated well, or not maintained as it should be it can cause the rope cocker to go wrong, which will have to be fixed to use the crossbow again. Other than this there are no other problems reported by users making it great for someone who wants a crossbow with no hassle.


  • The power that allows for graceful shots that is accurate up to 70 yards.
  • A 5 to 1 safety factor that is reassuring when you use the crossbow.
  • Sleek design that allows you to hide easily when hunting so you don’t startle your prey.
  • A 5 year warranty that adds encouragement when purchasing the crossbow against faults.


  • There is an issue with the crossbow, but it is down to how the shooter treats the crossbow, so if you do not look after it, you will have to expect issues after a while.  Other than that this is a great crossbow to buy if you want value for money.

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