Barnett Wildcat C5 Review – Compound Crossbow

Barnett Wildcat C5 reviewKEY STATS:

  • Speed: 320fps
  • Draw Weight: 150 lbs
  • Crossbow Weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Type: Compound

Barnett Wildcat C5 Review:

The Wildcat C5 crossbow is one of the most popular crossbows sold by Barnett because of its amazing power and speed. It is powerful because of the new Veloci-Speed high energy wheels that propel the arrows down the new synthetic cable system.  This is great for competitions and hunting as it packs a punch no one can beat. This also helps get accurate groupings of shots on a target which is essential.

The Barnett Wildcat features a lightweight frame that has an innovative crank attachment built into the stock. It also allows for an easy installation of another crank cocking device if needed. The tough lightweight frame weighs in a 8.5 lbs which makes it trouble-free when moving with it. This frame combined with the power allows for shots of over 320 feet per second, which means your prey will never escape your shot when hunting. It is fairly quiet, so you can shoot unnoticed, but it is not the quietest crossbow available.

You need to be able to build the crossbow when it arrives, but this is a quick and painless job that makes you appreciate your crossbow so much more. It is also worth pointing out that it doesn’t come with a cocking device, so you will have to remember to buy one to use with it.

The crossbow comes packed with the Premium Red-Dot Scope that attaches easily on top allows for more precise shots at around 40 yards. However, if you plan to shoot at significantly longer distances you may want to invest in a new scope.

In general, this is a remarkable crossbow that packs a lot of power in a shot and can do some real damage.


  • Lightweight crossbow with attachments, making it easier to aim and move with.
  • Building the crossbow is easy and enjoyable.
  • Sleek design that make other hunters jealous.
  • Trouble free crank attachment compatibility.
  • Solid frame that you know will last years.


  • The only negative part you need to worry is the red-dot scope that accompanies it, but this can be replaced if you need to shoot at longer distances. This is primarily aimed at hunting and would do a decent job for catching your prey effortlessly.

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