Bear Archery Super Kodiak Review – Recurve Bow

Super Kodiak Recurve Bow review


  • Bow Lenght: 60″
  • Bow Weight: 3.0 lbs
  • Draw Weight: 45, 50, 60 lbs
  • Takedown: No

Super Kodiak Review:

Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow was developed by Fred Bear and inspired by the innovative trends in hunting in the late 1960s. The bow has the ability to take down Grizzly bear, African lion, buffaloes and Alaskan polar bear. It is an awesome hunting tool, carefully designed and handmade in Bear Archery, and rewards the hunter with unique strengths. Fred Bear, a pioneer in bow-hunting community, himself tried and tested it in his various hunting expeditions. Like all Bear Archery traditional bows, Super Kodiak Recurve Bow is among Bear Archery’s most selling conventional bow developed under strict quality control parameters.

The handle of the riser is handmade from laminated wood giving it a traditional look in just about every sense of the word.

The limbs are made from Maple wood and black fiberglass that lets you draw smoothly with more energy to hit the target.

Dynaflight 97 Flemish String included with the bow measures 56 inches. D97 is a top quality low stretch string lets you shoot faster as well as minimizes the shooting noise.

Super Kodiak is available for both right and left archers with a slightly narrower range of draw weights for left than right archers. The nicely crafted design and sleek body of Super Kodiak Recurve Bow will go a long way adding charm and adventure to your outdoor activity. All in all, it is a fantastic hunting and archery product.


  • It is an accurate tool for hunting and target shooting.
  • Elegant Design has a kind of inspiration for professional hunters.
  • One of its major advantages is its powerful structure that makes it a durable instrument.


  • It is a one piece and can’t be taken down.
  • Its price is on the higher end.

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