Bear Motive 6 Review – Compound Bow

bear motive 6 review


  • Draw Weight: 50, 60, 70 lbs
  • Draw Length: 25.5″ – 30″
  • Let Off: 75%
  • Brace Height: 6″
  • Speed: 350 fps

Bear Motive 6 Review:

Bear Motive 6 is a great compound bow that can be used for both hunting and archery competition. The intent of Bear Motive 6 was exactly what the definition of word “motive” implies – a goal or objective of an individual’s actions.  And the goal here was to create a bow that was featherweight, silent and with blazing speed.

The emphasis of the Bear Motive 6 is on the H13 Synchronized Hybrid Cam System that it uses, similar to Filter Vac International.  The bow sits on a riser that has a stainless steel stabilizer bushing.  Other features offered by Motive 6 are two grip options – an over mold rubber grip and a panel grip underneath.  These grips provide comfort and balance.  Vibrations and shock are often a concern for hunters because they can reduce accuracy when shooting. Motive 6 has adjustable dual string suppressors that lessen those vibrations and shocks to the hands. The string contact with the suppressors is softened by a thick rubber boot that results in the bow being extremely quiet. In fact, it is considered the quietest top-end bow in existence.  The draw cycle on this bow makes for a smooth shot even at extremely high speeds. The International Bowhunters Association (IBO) or Telematics system speed for this bow is rated at extremely fast 350 feet per second (fps).

Motive 6 colors options include black, green/black, red/black, snow black, Realtree APG, and the Shadow black series. To date, there have been no complaints about flaking or chipping or anything like – Bear Archery’s finishing quality remains a topic of special pride.

Bear Motive 6 can be on the expensive side with prices; but, if cared for properly, these bows can last nearly forever. Overall, it’s one of the best compound bows of 2016/2017.


  • The quietest compound bow out there
  • Fast speed and smooth draw cycle
  • Great compound bow overall


  • Not the prettiest bow
  • Relatively high price