Have you always wanted to get into the world of archery but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you have been scrolling over the internet now but still not confident enough? With that in mind, we will help you learn the fundamental things you need to know as a beginner. Below is a list of the following must-haves. 

Learning the Basics

One of the most important things you need to have in archery is the BOW. The bow in archery is mainly categorized into two types: the compound and the recurve. Although there are many other types of bows like composite, longbows, and crossbows, we will go on to the general types.

Compound bow – this type of bow is commonly used during an archery competition. For bowhunters, compound bows are the most famous.

Recurve bow – this type of bow is famous in target shooting. While some used this in target shooting, experienced hunters also utilize this in hunting. For beginners, the recurve bow is an excellent option. Unlike compound, it is simpler to use and comprehend.

Fundamental Parts of a Bow

Bow sight – sights are commonly found on a bow’s riser. They help direct at a target. The sight will allow you to see and know where your target object is and strategize your precision. You can adjust the bow sight, attach and detach it.

Limbs – the limbs are attached to the bow’s riser. They are the ones which form the actual bow. There are a top and a bottom limb.

String – the string links the top limb to the bottom limb and vice versa. 

Riser- the riser is the handle of the bow. This is what you hold when you shoot at the target. It has the arrow rest in it where you get to place the arrows before shooting at your target. The riser varies from one type of bow to another. 

Nock Point – this point is found on the string. It is where you get to put the endpoint of the arrow. To be able to shoot your target effectively and consistently, you need to make sure that the nocking point is in the right place. 


Archery is quite an exciting heavy sport. While you have an idea about the fundamental things you must have like bows and arrows, there are still some gears you need to be familiar with. Read on.

Arm Guards – one of the most important gears when playing archery is the arm guard. This will protect your arm from accidentally getting hit by the bowstring after drawing the arrow.

Bow Releases – the bow releases for recurve bows are a bit simpler than the ones for compound bows. Although some prefer gloves, others choose bow releases as it is more comfortable to use. The bow releases are attached to the wrist. To know more about this gear, read this great article on bow releases.

Quivers – there are various types of quivers – the hip, back and quivers that are attached on the riser. For target shooting, hip quivers are the most utilized. Quivers allow you to comfortably hold a bunch of arrows all together. 

And the most important gear of all…

Arrows – Of course, the arrow is the most important gear when playing archery. Picking the wrong one for you will greatly affect how you shoot at your target. The arrows can be made of carbon, wood or aluminum. Aluminum arrows are excellent for beginners. 

Quick facts:

The word archery comes from the Latin word arcus which means ‘bow’ or ‘arch.’ A person who plays archery is called an archer. 

According to historians, the practice of archery has been existent back 10, 000 BC. It was utilized by ancient people to hunt for food and combat. While it was said to have existed 10, 000 BC ago, there is evidence found in the Middle East and Asia that suggests it even existed earlier. Today, archery is a competitive sport and a recreational activity. 

The archery, as a recreational activity and sport, requires a lot of skills in precision, timing, focus and control. It also needs a lot of patience and determination. For those archers who want to compete, it even requires a lot of time to practice the sport and master all of its rules and equipment. 

Archery is inclusive for everyone. No matter what your age, gender or social status is, you can play archery as you wish so long as you become familiar with the things you need to prepare before playing it.