People who are experienced in airsoft combat understand that sometimes airsoft combat can be purely fun or involve some heavy-duty shooting and tactical scenarios. Regardless of the intensity of airsoft combat, it is essential to always remember persona safety. Getting involved in airsoft combat without the right piece of protective gear for your eyes could prove very costly. If you knew how fast the pellets travel, you would understand why you should shield your eyes. It is practically impossible to predict what part of your body will be hit. Your torso may be strong enough to withstand and deflect any serious form of damage but your eyes are made of delicate tissues that will easily become ruptured from all forms of force and may lead to various degrees of baldness.

There are different types of airsoft goggles in the market and it is essential that you pick the best one to keep your eyes safe. These goggles are comprised of different features that all make them a wonderful choice for different users. In this article, the best types of airsoft goggles with their respective outstanding features will be discussed.

Summary: Top 5 Airsoft Goggles

Model Features Editor’s Ratings
Dye I4 Special Edition Paintball Mask
  • Firm fit
  • Fantastic eye protection
  • Clear vision
  • 100% UV protection
  • Versatility


Lancer Tactical Airsoft Goggles
  • Durable materials
  • Adjustable lenses
  • Excellent vision


BBTac Mesh Airsoft Goggles
  • Anti-fog goggles
  • Durable and tough design
  • Complete protection
  • Maximum airflow


UKARMS Tactical Mesh Airsoft Metal Mesh Goggles
  • Thick frame
  • Impact resistant
  • Clear vision
  • Excellent breathability


Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic
  • Excellent in different weather conditions
  • High level of comfort
  • Quality and anti-reflective lens
  • Wide range of vision


Factors to be considered in buying airsoft goggles

Comfort – You will be putting on your goggles for a long time and it is very essential that the goggles do not give you any form of discomfort during combat. It would allow you enjoy every second of the combat.

Safety – The primary function of the airsoft goggles is to protect your eyes and any goggle of your choice should be able to protect you effectively.

Vision – A top airsoft goggle will provide you with a clear line of sight to see your targets during combat.

Lens – The type of goggles you would pick should be the one with lens that are perfect for your eyes and would keep your eyes from damage. The lens would also be clear enough to look around.

Breathability ­– It is essential for the goggles to allow you breathe comfortably and optimize your exercise

Top 5 Airsoft Goggles

Dye I4 Special Edition Paintball Mask

This is a top airsoft goggle that is perfect to prevent high-impact pellets. They help to perfectly protect your eyes. They have a fantastic fit and offer great eye protection against UV rays and impact.


  • Variety of colours available
  • Lens are easy to change
  • Great anti-fog goggles
  • Allows for easy communication


  • May seem quite costly

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Goggles

This is another nice choice among airsoft goggles. It is made from very durable and tough materials that can deflect pellets. They can be worn to different combat scenarios and still protect the eyes properly. It also has a feature that allows you to change the lens and adjust the types of light that will reach the eyes.


  • Adjustable lens and headband
  • Impressive breathing vents
  • Extra liner for comfort


  • Occurrence of minimal amounts of fogging

BBTac Mesh Airsoft Goggles

This goggles are considered a top set of goggles due to their effectiveness against fog. They eliminate the need to personally clear the fog during combat. The gooogles are made from top-quality materials which are durable, tough and impact-resistant. The goggles are also able to fully cover the sensitive parts of your face. This is an important feature to prevent the contact of debris with the face and eyes. It is made of lenses that are made up of perforated metal which is able to deflect pellets.


  • Impressive peripheral vision
  • A single size is perfect for almost anyone
  • Very comfortable


  • Cannot be used with glasses

UKARMS Tactical Mesh Airsoft Metal Mesh Goggles

A lot of people constantly demand airsoft goggles that will perfectly fit over their glasses. This is a mesh goggles that will provide you with the best results. It is a top airsoft goggles which has great impact resistance and it can be said to be even stronger and resist more.


  • Impressive non-slip rubber ling
  • Fantastic fit to your face
  • Adjustable head strap


  • Poor visibility at night

Revision Military Desert Locust Goggle Basic

This goggles are a nice fit that can be utilized in different weather conditions. They will make your combat experience run hitch-free from any form of environmental conditions. The goggles are very comfortable and fog-resistant. You can even make use of this prescription glasses with these goggles. It also offered a clear wide range of vision.


  • Anti-fog goggles
  • Resistant against different weather conditions
  • Can be used with prescription glasses


  • Bulky design


It is advised that every airsoft professional should invest a lot to protect their eyes. This form of investments involves spending on the best goggles. There have been different goggles listed above but the Dye I4 Special Edition Paintball Mask is the best. This is due to the fact that it comprises all the top features of all impressive goggles.

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