(Updated 6 April 2017)

The most common type of archery is target archery.  This involves shooting at stationary targets from various distances.  Popular targets are generally circular with several colors such as black, blue, yellow, and red.  You can use any type of bow to shoot at targets including recurve, compound, longbow, barebow or crossbow.  When targets are set up in the woods it is called field archery.  Field archery is very popular in Europe and America. There are many different types of archery targets that you can use for your own practice and it may be confusing to choose one that best fits your requirements and budget. We have put together a list of top rated archery targets suitable for bows and crossbows, as well as a lighted grade one designed specifically for the young archers. We hope that this list will help you make a sound decision on which target to go with.

Top Rated Archery Targets in 2017

Below are five of the best archery targets on the market today, plus the best youth archery target.

#1 Morrell Double Duty 400FPS Target Review

This colorful, double-duty target is 100% weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by the elements.  Michael Waddell, former professional football cornerback, and world archer has given his endorsement to this target.  Tiffany Lakosky from the television series, Crush with Lee & Tiffany, also endorses this product.  The Double Duty is guaranteed to stop the heaviest-hitting bows.  Morrell targets have been voted number one for 18 consecutive years, by dealer contests and consumers.  They were established in 1986 and have supplied targets to all major tournament organizations for competitive shooting, so they know what is required for a good target.

The Double Duty is designed to stop speeds up to 400 fps and is considered a 4-sided field point target, meaning you can shoot on all four sides. You have the option of alternating while practice shooting with a 9-ball game, a full-color midsection of a deer, a dart board, or you can zone in on six bull’s eyes.  The center nucleus is made of very dense rubber and flex back foam for maximum durability.

TheDouble Duty is easy to transport with the E-Z Tote carrying handle, and the arrows can be removed with little effort.  There is no need for a stand because this target is free standing. It is made with internal frame system technology and has the X-tended life.  The weight of the target is approximately 32 pounds and dimensions are 19”x19”x19”.  It also comes with a two-year warranty.

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#2 FIELD LOGIC Classic 18 Archery Block Target Review

This Block target has high contrast white-on-black dots and graphics, which enables archers to hone their skills in short and long range shooting.  Dots located at the corners are for short range shooting, and the dot in the middle is for long range shots. The open layer design uses friction instead of force to safely stop arrows.  The arrows go in between open layers of friction foam that are unglued.  The heat from the friction rapidly cools, releasing the arrow and making arrow removal much easier.  This process also provides longer target life no matter what type of arrow tip you are using.

You can use any broadhead/expandable or field tip and not worry about wearing down this target.  The Block Classic 18 is 18”x18”x14” and weighs approximately 13.5 pounds.   It is free-standing and lightweight making it portable, and easy to transport with the built-in handle.  There is no set up required, so just find a spot and start practicing.  Block targets are considered to be some of the best, most durable, and longest lasting archery targets in the industry.

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#3 Rinehart® 18 – 1 Broadhead Target Review

The Rinehart® target has 18 sides which provide 18 targets all in one target.  The vivid colors make it ideal for target practice.  Designed with Rinehart’s solid self-healing foam, this target can take arrow after arrow and not lose its integrity or shape.  It is lightweight and portable, with an easy-to-carry handle.  This target is weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by extreme temperatures.  If you shoot out one target, just turn it to a new zone that has new foam.  If you happen to shoot out all of the sides within a year, Rinehart guarantees that they will replace it for you with no hassle.

The Rinehart can be used with broadheads, field points, and even expandables. The foam is designed so that the arrows do not tear out pieces of the target, and the holes tend to close up which is why they call it “self-healing” foam. Take it anywhere – at home in your backyard or get in a quick practice at hunting camp.  It is very durable and the different sizes and angles of the target zones make it versatile. Some people feel as though the arrows are difficult to pull out, but that is usually when the target is new.  As you use it, pulling the arrows out becomes easier.

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#4 Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Target Review

Morrell Targets have been proven to be top notch when it comes to easy arrow removal and durability. This field point target comes with a multi-layered design and an Internal Frame System technology which keeps the integrity and shape of the target.  It is 100% waterproof so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear from weather conditions.  It also features 38 layers of arrow stopping power and is considered and X-tended LifeTarget.  Dimensions are 23” width by  25” height x 12” depth.  The E-Z Tote carry handle makes it easy to transport.

To maintain your target, Morrell recommends rotating these targets every 75-100 shots and changing the bull’s eye that is being shot often.  This will help push fabric back to the place that has already been shot and improve the longevity of the target.  After you have used the target quite a bit, lay it face down on the side where you have shot the most, and stomp on the back side heavily.  This will move the material around.  Another tip is to hang the target by the eyelets and let it swing.  This will allow for lost energy when the arrow hits, increasing the life of the target.  Be sure that your practice tips match the diameter of the arrow shaft which will make it easier to remove arrows.

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#5 Field Logic Hurricane Archery Bag Target H25 Review

This Tri-Core material inside of this target is what effectively stops all kinds of arrows quicker and more effectively than conventional target material. Tri-Core material provides durability and outstanding target performance.  With this target, it is easy to remove arrows using one hand, and the target lasts longer.  The rectangular design also makes it easier to move around with one hand.

The Hurricane Archery Bag target has high-visibility, high-contrast aiming points.  These points are bright orange in the middle so that they are easy to see against the bright green background, even at ranges further out.  There are deer vital targets located on one side which are positioned off-center. This is so that they do not line up with aiming points on the front of the target.  A heavy duty handle makes this target easy to lift and transport.  It is also very compact and does not take up much storage space. Dimensions for the H25 are 25” x 23” x 12”.

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Best Youth Target: Morrell Youth Field Point Archery Bag Target Review

When choosing a target for youths, you need one that will work with lightweight bows, and one that will prevent bounce outs, and still maintain its target life. It should also be durable, repairable, and economical.  Many of the targets for youth have built-in stands, carts, replaceable cores, and sleeves.

The Morrell NASP Youth Target was specifically created for the young archer. It is meant to use with bows that have 30 pounds of draw weight or less. It features the internal frame system technology that makes it easy to remove arrows and provides longer target life. It can stand up to any type of arrow tip.  The target has the official FITA facing (NASP criteria) which is perfect for allowing young shooters sharpen their archery skills and prepare for official competitions at the same time.

This Morrell NASP Youth Target is lightweight and easy to carry which makes ideal for shooting in multiple locations.  Dimensions are 28” x 28”. Morell designed this target specifically for National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) and is the #1 manufacturing contributor for NASP. The target is so well received and liked that it dominates over 65% of the entire Youth Targets market.

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Target Archery Sport/3 D Targets

Target archery is also a competitive sport with its own set of rules and etiquette.  The objective is to shoot as close as possible to the center of the target. Shooters are judged on accuracy when shooting at the target. This sport was first used in the Olympics in the 1900s.  Some of the basic rules are:

  • A maximum of two minutes is allowed to shoot an end of three hunting arrows, and four minutes is allowed for six arrows.
  • If an arrow hangs from the target or rebounds, it will still be scored according to the mark it makes on the face of the target.
  • If a target falls or blows over, the arrow may be deemed “not shot,” and often extra time is allotted for these situations.
  • The bow arm cannot be raised to shoot at the target until a signal to start is given.

Targets come in different sizes.  The ones used in the Olympic events have a diameter of 122 cm.  All targets have 10 concentric rings that represent scoring sections.  The two outer rings are usually white and they are called one ring and two rings.  Black rings are three and four; blue rings are five and six; red rings are seven and eight; and, the inner rings are nine and ten, and they are gold.  Another ring is inside which is called “X ring” or “inner 10 and is sometimes used to break ties.  The rings are spaced apart at even distances.

Targets are mostly made up of stalks of grain, marsh grass, or some type of grass.  The material is woven together into ropes and then wrapped around the target.  The face of a target can take on many forms depending on the distance, round, and competition.  It can range from 18 meters or 40 cm to 70 meters or 122 cm.

A few other types of targets are 3D targets, where the archer shoots at life-sized models of different types of animals that are generally hunted; and, clout archery where the target is made up of a series of circle shapes on the ground surrounded by a marker flag.  Targets can be used inside or outside.  Inside target distances are usually shorter and range from 18m to 25m.  Outside target distance is usually between 30m and 90m.