BB gun rifles are the classic style that you think of. Just like in the old-time and classic movie, A Christmas Story. That is what I think of every time I hear BB gun rifle. These rifles are constantly changing and adapting to new times, and they are making them with more power and improved accuracy. Their very realistic look and feel make them a popular gun for sport and can be used for plinking, target practice, and even small game hunting.

BB gun rifles can have scopes mounted on them to improve shot accuracy which is especially important when hunting small game. Unlike real guns, air guns do not require as much space to shoot, and they are easier to handle. There are so many different varieties of these guns available today, and they are all designed to fit your particular needs.

Another advantage to a BB gun rifle is the reduced noise level compared to a real gun. These guns are significantly quieter and will not disturb neighbors or other people around you. Due to the reduced levels of noise, you also do not have to worry about suffering any hearing damage.

Finally, look at the cost and versatility of BB gun rifles. The gun itself is more affordable than a real firearm, and the ammunition is cheaper. It does not cost much for pellets or BBs and, usually, a tin of at least 500 can cost as little as $20. They are also versatile and can be used for a variety of different things like smaller game hunting or, if you are starting out with BB gun rifles as a new hobby, they are ideal for target practice, accuracy training, and learning gun safety techniques.

1. Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Air Rifle

benjamin marauder synthetic stock air rifle

The Benjamin Marauder gun is a little more expensive than your standard air rifle, so I wouldn’t suggest it to be the first gun you go for if you are just starting out in this sport. This gun features a multi-shot design with an auto-indexing clip. It is ambidextrous and made of all-weather stock. It has a raised aluminum breech with a heavy duty pull bolt. The Benjamin Marauder is ideal for small game hunting but keep in mind that it can be very heavy. The advantages include a reduced noise level and increased accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Custom choked barrel
  • Multi-shot design
  • Ambidextrous
  • Operates at fill pressure between 2000 and 3000 psi
  • Bolt action
  • PCP power source
  • Two stage adjustable metal match trigger
  • Reversible bolt
PriceWeightCaliberVelocityPowerplantIdeal Use
Under $500.008.2 lb0.177 cal1100 fpsPrecharged pneumaticSmall game hunting and plinking

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2. Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle

crosman nitro venom break barrel air rifle

The Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle features a fluted muzzle brake and wide forearm that improves shooting accuracy by using the Artillery Hold shooting position. The stock of this gun is ambidextrous and made of hardwood with a rifled steel barrel. It comes with a center point precision scope. The scope has a magnification level of 3-9×32 mm. This rifle works well in cooler weather and allows for different uses, but it cannot shoot accurately over long distances, and it does not feature iron sights. If you remove the scope, then your level of accuracy is further reduced.

Key Features:

  • Fluted Muzzle brake
  • Single shot
  • Gas piston
  • Manual safety
  • Weaver rail
  • Ambidextrous stock
  • 70 percent quieter than other break barrels
  • Includes center point scope
PriceWeightCaliberVelocityPowerplantIdeal Use
Under $150.007.4 lb0.177 cal1200 fpsGas-pistonSmall game hunting and plinking

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3. Bear River Sportsman 900 Air Rifle Multi-Pump

bear river sportsman 900 air rifle multi pump

The Bear River Sportsman is a great rifle if you are looking to hit your targets consistently. This gun is easy to use and handle and employs multi-pump power with areal working bolt action. You can load up to 55 BBs at a time or even use it as a single shot pellet gun. The Sportsman includes a 4×15 scope and a top dovetail rail. Due to the multi-lever pump action, this gun has no shortage of power.

Key Features:

  • 20-inch steel barrel
  • Includes 4×15 scope
  • Adjustable fiber optic sights
  • Multi-pump lever action
  • Top dovetail rail
  • Load up to 50 BBs at a time
PriceWeightCaliberVelocityPowerplantIdeal Use
Under $70.00Under 6 lb0.177 cal800 fpsMulti-pumpTarget practice

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4. Winchester M14 CO2 Air Rifle

winchester m14 co2 air rifle

The Winchester M14 is a CO2 semi-automatic action rifle that is made of a rugged and durable composite stock. You have the option of shooting either BBs or pellets, and it uses two CO2 cartridges to function. Winchester guns are known for their accuracy, power, and reliability. Just load two 12 gram CO2 cylinders into the clip and then insert them into the gun. The clip also can hold two 8-round magazines so that you can get a total of 16 shots without having to stop and reload. It is an affordable gun, but you should keep in mind the added expense of the CO2 cartridges as well as the ammunition.

Key Features:

  • CO2 semi-automatic action
  • Rifled barrel
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Repeater function
  • Fixed front sight
  • Manual safety
  • Sling swivels
  • Synthetic stock
PriceWeightCaliberVelocityPowerplantIdeal Use
Under $90.004.4 lb0.177 cal700 fpsCO2Plinking, fun, target practice

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5. Sheridan Cowboy BB Gun

sheridan cowboy bb gun

The Sheridan Cowboy BB Gun features a stamped, all-metal receiver with a hardwood stock and forearm. It has a BB reservoir that can hold up to 700 BBs at a time and is a lever action rifle. This gun has been sized for younger shooters and has protection against lever snapback. It is a lightweight and dependable gun and gives the nostalgia of an old west classic cowboy. While it may be designed for younger shooters, it is the ideal entry level rifle for any age and still helps teach accuracy and gun training.

Key Features:

  • Lever-action spring gun
  • 700 round BB reservoir
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Blade and ramp front sight
  • Lightweight
  • Low to medium noise level
  • Manual safety
  • Smooth bore barrel
PriceWeightCaliberVelocityPowerplantIdeal Use
Under $50.002.75 lb0.177 cal325 fpsSpring-pistonPlinking and target practice

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