If you have decided that you would like to purchase a BB gun and learn more about gun safety while having fun and perfecting your target skills, then a beginner’s BB gun that is a plain pump or spring-loaded design would be the right choice. When considering which is the best BB gun for beginners, you must decide on the type of gun style, such as a pistol, revolver or rifle and think about how much weight you are willing to tote around with you when you go out shooting and to practice.

Lighter weight guns are easier and more manageable for beginners and even younger shooters, and there are a variety of guns that are ambidextrous; this means that they are good whether you are left or right handed.

BB guns also have different shooting velocity but most will shoot around 400 fps, and most them are 0.177 caliber. There is also the option of a single shotgun or a gun that can hold multiple rounds.

Airsoft guns are very similar to BB guns except when it comes to ammunition. In my research, I have found airsoft rifles that use BBs as ammunition, but most generic airsoft guns use plastic balls instead. The plastic balls are a bit larger than your average steel BBs but are much less dense. Air guns, however, are a type of BB gun and they are designed to shoot spherical projectiles—or BBs—that are approximately the same size as shot pellets.

Keep in Mind the Following Advantages of Beginner BB Guns:

  • Reliability
  • Quick reload action
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Good accuracy
  • Quiet or reduced noise levels
  • The amount of BBs it can hold
  • The number of times you will be required to reload

Best BB Guns for For Younger Shooters

1. Daisy Outdoor Products Pink Fun Kit Boxed

top bb gun for girls

This Daisy BB gun rifle is a classic, and it includes the perfect backyard shooting kit. It comes with shooting glasses and Daisy Precision Max BBs, and a target fun pack. This particular model has painted solid wood stock and is black and pink. Daisy also has the same gun and kit available in black and brown if the younger shooter in your life is not a fan of the pink. It has all of the same specifications; the only difference between the two guns is the color. It is perfect for a beginner because it is lightweight and is spring-loaded.

Key Features:

  • Lever-cocking
  • Spring action
  • Steel smooth bore barrel
  • Forearm with blade and ramp
  • Adjustable rear sight
PriceWeightVelocityShot CapacityCaliber
Under $50.003.5 lb350 fps650 shot capacity0.177 cal

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2. Sheridan Cowboy – Lever Action Single Shot BB Rifle

top bb gun for boys

The Sheridan Cowboy has the look and feel of an old Western style rifle that a cowboy would use. It is perfect for entry-level shooters because the innovative ratcheted lever helps protect from any snapback when the gun is fired. It is also lightweight and dependable and a great choice if you or your child is looking for a gun to help with marksmanship and to learn about gun safety techniques. The reservoir can hold up to 700 BBs, so there is no need to have to keep reloading. Just load, shoot and keep going.

Key Features:

  • Stamped, all-metal receiver
  • Finished hardwood stock and forearm
  • Front blade
  • Adjustable and notched rear sight
  • 700 BB reservoir
PriceWeightVelocityShot CapacityCaliber
Under $50.002.75 lb325 fps700 BBs0.177 cal

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Best BB Guns for Adult Beginners

3. Crosman Torrent SX Air Rifle

best bb for adult beginners

The Crosman Torrent SX is a good BB gun for beginners because it can grow with the shooter. There is an extendable stock that stretches the length of pull and that makes it able to accommodate different shooters of different sizes. It is also lightweight and has different pump levels which make it ideal for any casual shooting.

Key Features:

  • Multi-pump pneumatic
  • Bolt-action
  • Manual safety
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Adjustable metal rear sight
  • Smoothbore
  • Synthetic olive drab stock
PriceWeightVelocityShot CapacityCaliber
Under $50.003.7 lb690 fps180.177 cal

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4. Remington AirMaster 77 Air Rifle with Scope

remington airmaster 77 bb gun review

The Remington AirMaster is a good gun for beginners and will help them with their accuracy while learning to shoot. It is built with an all-weather synthetic stock and forearm and includes a 4×15 mm scope. It is capable of shooting either BBs or pellets. The pellets need to be loaded one at a time, but the BB reservoir can hold up to 200 BBs, so there is no need to stop and reload after every shot.

Key Features:

  • Black metal receiver
  • Nickel barrel shroud
  • Increased accuracy with scope
  • Ten-pump maximum
  • Multi-pump pneumatic
  • Fiber optic front sights
  • Two stage non-adjustable trigger
PriceWeightVelocityShot CapacityCaliber
Under $80.004.81 lb1000 fps200 BBs or single shot pellets0.177 cal

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5. Avanti 845 Mentor

avanti 845 mentor

The Avanti Mentor is the perfect gun for those just starting out in the sport because it is a single stroke pneumatic BB air rifle with an easy to use straight bolt; this means it requires only one pump to power the gun. It has easy cocking effort and can shoot both BBs and pellets. It was designed for shooters as young as ten years old and older and is made of synthetic stock.

Key Features:

  • Single-stroke pneumatic
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Bolt-action
  • Smooth bore
  • Manual safety
PriceWeightVelocityShot CapacityCaliber
Under $100.002.7 lb335 fps350-round BB repeater0.177 cal

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