Archery has been around since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs, and what many people do not know is that women competitors in this sport have been popular since the Middle Ages.  It was thought of as a graceful form of exercise which provided dexterity.  Many of the British monarchs participated in archery, including Queen Victoria.  There were several archery clubs in which women were members, and they regularly participated in tournaments.

Not only do women compete in archery today, but they are also very active in hunting.  In a November 2013 National Geographic article by Kristen A. Schmitt, it was noted that although men still make up the majority of the 13.7 million U.S. hunters, the number of women actively hunting is on the rise.  The total number of women hunters jumped by 25% between 2006 and 2011.

Studies show that physically women have a shorter draw length than most men.  The archery industry realizes that women hunters are rapidly growing, and they are designing bows which will fit women better physiologically.  A few years ago women would have to use a child’s or ladies’ bow which was not nearly as effective as the bows designed for men.  Manufacturers thought that if they put a “girly” color on the bow, it would appeal to women.

Top 5 Bows for Female Archers in 2017

Today, manufacturers realize that women demand the same increased performance and efficiency from a bow as men have, and are competing to be sure that they deliver high-performance equipment for both male and female archers.  Colors and looks on bows are still appealing, however, women have the same power, speed, and precision as men do in their bows. Below are five of the best bows for women on the market today.  Not only are women fierce archers, but they still look beautiful while doing it!

See below reviews of the best bows designed specifically for women, both beginner female archers and advanced veterans.

#1: Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge Review

Bowtech bows are designed to be smooth, fast, and quiet.  Most BowTech models use a slotted draw stop that allows for unlimited adjustment.  This versatile compound bow is not limited by preset drilled holes and allows for quick draw length adjustments to match preferred shooting style.  The draw length range is 13 – 30 inches, and draw weight range is from 5 – 70 pounds. The bow comes with an infinite draw setting for first time shooters, bowfishers, and training programs.  Axle to axle it is 31 inches and has an IBO speed of 310 fps.  Brace height is 7 inches, and the mass weight is 3.1 pounds.  Kinetic energy is 74.7 ft-lbs and the Infinite Edge has an effective let-off of 75 percent.

This bow does not need a new module or cam to set the draw length.  You can take off the module screws, rotate the module, and re-tighten.  It has a minimum of six inches of draw length adjustment. Infinite Edge also comes with an accessory package which includes a 3-pin Apex Sight, Hostage XL Arrow Rest, Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver, BCY String Loop, and a tube peep sight.  This bow is both durable and forgiving, and although there is a touch of pink in the color, do not underestimate its power!

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#2: Bear Archery Siren Review

Another ideal bow for female archers is the Bear Archery Siren.  It is considered a bow for the serious female archer, and recognized as the “Official Bow of Realtree Girl.”  Women have field tested this bow and adjustments were made in the design based on their feedback.  The draw cycle, release, cam, and grip were made to work perfectly in the hands of top female archers, and can be used by a right or left-handed archer.  Weighing in at four pounds, the Siren max pre-load quad limbs are smooth during the draw, and silent when released.  The string suppressor provides a silent and shock-free release.  Draw length is 22 – 27 inches and no press/modules are needed.  Brace height is 6 ¾ inches, and the bow is 31 inches axle to axle.  It also has 40, 50, and 60 pounds draw weight range, as well as a 75 percent let-off.

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#3: Quest Bliss Right Hand Fluid Cam Bow Review

This compound bow for women is designed to perform next to the best in the industry.  It is specifically designed for smaller frames and intermediate archers.  An attractive bow, the finish consists of satin black which fades to a deep purple base made with a desaturated Realtree AP film dip. Limbs are made of solid glass. The Fluid SD single cam system is designed for shorter draw lengths, and the bow has draw lengths of 23 – 27 inches. Draw lengths are adjustable using the inner rotating module.  Great looking bow – but again, don’t let the looks fool you.

The Quest Bliss has a 6061-T6 CNC machined aluminum frame similar to high-performing bows for men.  It has limb pockets that pivot and lock. This bow does not use cheap aluminum castings or plastic parts.  It has a cable guard with a Teflon cable slide, 2-piece laminated wood grip, metal injection molding broadhead shelf, and an adjustable string stop. The architecture of the aggressive parallel limb provides stability, control, and stealth.  Axle to axle is 31 inches, brace height is 7 inches, and let-off is 60 percent. The Bliss shoots up to 290 fps at the 27-inch draw and 40 pounds. It also features a sight, arrows, stabilizer, rest, wrist sling, bow case, a mechanical release and more.  The good thing it is already assembled when you receive it.

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#4: Winchester Women’s Destiny Compound Bow Review

This compound bow is designed specifically for the female hunter, but don’t let the pink Realtree Hardwoods finish fool you.  The Destiny comes with much power.  This bow has a narrow grip and the frame is made smaller to accommodate a smaller hand, but the Rider Cam System provides excellent adjustability.  The bow also features Stabil-Lock limb pockets which provide a vice-like grip

The Women’s Destiny is made of stainless steel with a 100% machined 6061 aluminum riser and ultra-light Gordon Power-Tuff split limbs.  Gordon Composites uses a composite material that is exceptionally strong.  It allows for deep deflection without causing fatigue or losing performance.  It weighs about 2.5 pounds with an adjustable draw weight of 15 to 50 pounds.  Draw length is 17-28 inches and at 28” you can reach 290 fps.  Axle to axle this bow is 31.5 inches and has a brace height of 7.375.  Also included with this bow are a quiver, sling, 2-piece rubber grip, 2-piece wood grip, limb savers, an arrow rest, a sight, and Speedsters. Winchester Archery uses Speedsters on all of their bows and crossbows to increase bow speed.  This is done by increasing the string momentum while shooting.   The Destiny 50# can be used by left or right-handers.

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#5: Bear Archery Rumor Women’s Compound Bow Review

The Rumor Compound Bow was designed with the female physique in mind and has the distinction of being named  the Official Bow of Realtree Girl.  It features an optimized Hybrid-cam technology, a smaller slip-free grip, a tailored draw cycle, a lightweight anti-torque structure, and silent, shock free release.  All of these features combined offer forgiveness, agility, speed, and lethality.

The FH2 Cam is the system that is behind the Rumor bow.  This synchronized system has the exact geometry to optimize power and efficiency.  It features a rotating module and has draw length adjustments which do not require you to use a bow press.  The draw lengths are from 23 ½ to 27 inches and provide a smooth draw cycle.  The riser is made from forged and machined aluminum and offers lightweight strength.  The aluminum is aircraft-grade providing strength in critical areas while decreasing mass in low-stress areas.  This creates a reliable and durable bow.

Bear has designed this bow with customizable grip options for maximum comfort.  A 4×4 roller guard provides a smooth draw and maximum efficiency, and dual offset adjustable string suppressors eliminate noise and vibration.  Zero tolerance two-piece limb pocket provides high-precision as well as a locked-in fit.

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