Best Quivers for Traditional, Target and Recurve Bows

A bow quiver is a container that holds bolts, darts, or arrows and bow accessories.  Depending on what the archer prefers, a quiver can be attached to the bow, the ground, or to the body.  Materials used to make quivers were traditionally furs, wood, and leather.  Modern day quivers are generally made of plastic or metal. In the medieval days, quivers were simple arrow bags made from a cloth sack with a drawstring.  A leather spacer was used at the top of the bag to separate the arrows.  These were put on the ground or tucked into a belt, and some had rope or straps sewn on to make them easier to carry.

Main Types of Bow Quivers

Best quiver: here are several types of quivers, the most common being the belt style.  The belt quiver is usually shaped like a cylinder or flat and hangs from the belt. The way the quiver is worn varies.  It can be tilted forward or backward, or worn in the small of the back.  It can also be worn on the off-hand side or the dominant side.  Some styles are just small pouches that cover the first few inches of the arrow, while other styles cover the whole arrow.

Bow quiver: another type of quiver is the bow quiver which is attached to the limbs of the bow and uses a clip to hold the arrow steady.  Compound bow hunters tend to like this type of quiver because it enables them to carry just one piece of equipment, and it does not get in the way.

Back quivers: these quivers are worn on the shooter’s back and attached with straps.  With this quiver, the archer can rapidly draw the arrow over the shoulder because the nock ends stand up over the shoulder of the dominant hand.

Ground quiver: if you are going to be in one spot shooting, then a ground quiver is a good option.  These are usually some type of pole in the ground with something on top to hold the arrows within the archer’s reach.  Japanese quivers are another type used mainly to carry and protect the arrows. Quivers are a matter of preference, and they make it convenient for the archer.

Reviews of the Top 5 Highest Ranking Bow Quivers

Below are reviews of five of the best bow quivers on the market today:

#1 Bear Archery Logo Deluxe Back Quiver Review

This snazzy 100% durable, leather quiver is made for right or left-handed shooters.  Designed for organization and comfort, this quiver features an adjustable, 3-point front harness, and a 22-inch depth that will accommodate any arrow length.  The harness is how it is attached to the back and it can easily be adjusted for comfort. There are also divided compartments to keep your arrows separate and organized.  A separate, large, zippered compartment is ideal for accessories.  Manufactured by Bear, the quiver handsomely displays their logo on the bag.  The leather also provides a cushion for the arrows so that they are not moving around while you are hunting, making you less noticeable. A pull cord allows you to tighten the quiver holding the arrows even tighter and reducing the noise effect.

The Logo Deluxe Back Quiver holds approximately 20 – 30 arrows.  It can also hold up to a dozen broadheads or more, depending on the width of the heads that you are using.

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#2 Bohning Target Quiver Review

This quiver is made for the right handed archer.  It features five arrow tubes and two zipper pockets.  There is also one side pocket which provides easy access, and an accessory clip.  The Bohning logo is embroidered on the front and the quiver is made of durable lightweight cordura.  Cordura is a collection of fabrics known for their resistance to tears, scuffs and abrasions, and durability.  These materials are often found in military wear, backpacks, trousers, and luggage. The fabric is generally made out of nylon and sometimes blended with natural fibers or cotton.

Dimensions of the Bohning Target quiver are 19 x 7.5 x 3 inches.  It is worn on the side of the hip and attaches to your belt.

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#3 Tarantula Three Tube Quiver Review

This is a three tube, right-handed quiver.  It is 18 inches long and has a belt clip included.  The Tarantula is designed to wear on your belt, and you can use it for hunting or target shooting.  It comes with three tubes, an accessory pocket, and a pencil pocket. It also features a compact binocular pocket, and has a black and camo finish.

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#4 Tarantula 2 Tube Quiver Review

This quiveris 17 inches long and has two tubes to keep your vanes separated. It can be used by right or left-handed archers.  It holds a little over a dozen arrows, and has a durable clip that can be hooked to a belt. The outside has a camo design and is constructed with quality material. Sportsman’s Outdoor Products guarantees this product for life.  They will repair it or replace it if you ever have a problem with the quiver.

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#5 Neet Archery Traditions Back Quiver Review

Neet has been in business since 1956 and their focus is on quality and functionality in archery products. Their leather grained vinyl quiver is 18.5 inches long.  It features an adjustable shoulder strap, and a foam bottom insert. The foam bottom insert enables you to carry broadheads. The Neet Back Quiver is made to strap onto the back. The adjustable strap is long enough to strap around your body comfortably, and make it easy to reach back and grab your arrows. The leather material holds its shape, and the quiver can easily carry over one dozen arrows.

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