A bow stabilizer is important if you want to increase shooting accuracy.  It helps lessen bow movement after a shot, and it balances out the weight of your bow.  It should hold your bow steady when it is at full draw, as well as when the arrow is released. When a bow is at full draw, energy builds up in the limbs, cables and other parts of the bow.  Once the arrow is released,  the energy changes abruptly, affecting the flight of the arrow, as well as the bow.  The stabilizer should hold everything stable when this happens. Many stabilizers also reduce noise, hand shock, and vibration, which helps  improve placement of the shot.

Go Straight to the Best Bow Stabilizer for Hunting


Stabilizers come in various styles, sizes, and colors, but they can all screw into your bow.  The added weight to the front of your bow offsets the draw pulling the bow out of alignment, which it often does during aiming. The added weight also steadies the bow.  A stabilizer absorbs vibration force, and reduces shock to the hand.

best compound bow stabilizer

The size of a stabilizer should be determined by what you will be using it for.  If you are going to be using it for target archery, then a longer, heavier stabilizer is preferred.  The length and heaviness provides more stability when you are shooting.  If you will be bowhunting, then a shorter and lighter stabilizer is more effective.  This is because a heavier, longer stabilizer can be cumbersome when you are hunting animals.

Materials such as plastic, metal, rubber, or a combination of material are used to create stabilizers.  The material and its location affects the performance of the stabilizer.  A stabilizer has a tubelike shape and when attached to the bow, it can cause the bow to be a little heavy.  Sometimes this heaviness is preferred, especially during target competition. But, many manufacturers use material like ABS plastic or carbon as an option to keep the bow as lightweight as possible, when needed.

The dampener on the stabilizer is what reduces vibration and noise.  Most dampeners are made of rubber which acts as a vibration dampener and prevents vibration in the bow’s riser. The most effective set up is when a weight is on the front of the stabilizer right after the dampener.  This maintains effective balance and keeps the bow stable while you are shooting.  It also makes the dampener more effective because it is further away from the bow which decreases the vibration even more.  When vibration is decreased, it is less likely that other accessories will loosen.

Top Highest Rated Compound Bow Stabilizers in 2017

We have reviewed a number of different stabilizers and narrowed the list down to make your choice easier – check out top stabilizers below.

#1 Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer Review

This ultra-light weight stabilizer is ideal for the avid bowhunter.  It has 2 customizable weights that can be used to control weight and balance as needed.  The design of the Static Stabilizer allows air to pass through the stabilizer easily, resulting in a much steadier shot in windy conditions.  It also features Trophy Ridge’s well known Ballistix CoPolymer System.  This system is 25 percent lighter than aluminum, but has the same strength.  The material is also what enables the manufacturer to mold the unique shape of the stabilizer so that the air can pass through.  Dimensions for this product are 6 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches.  It also comes in 9 inches.  The Camo design is perfect for hunting because it blends into the terrain.  The Static Stabilizer also comes with a braided wrist sling.

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#2 New Archer Product 8 Inch Apache Stabilizer Review

This stabilizer system has the solid construction with stealth qualities that the Apache line of New Archery Products are known for.  It features proprietary dampening materials which eliminate vibration and noise with each shot.  The Apache 8” has a removeable 3 inch long, 2 ounce carbon fiber accessory bar which helps balance out the bow.  It comes in black and Realtree APG camo.  The Apache can be converted down to a 5” stabilizer by removing the extender.  It has a hard plastic bushing on the back of it so that when you put it on the bow, it will not damage the finish.

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#3 Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer Review

The Bee Stinger stabilizer was developed for optimal stabilization while minimizing vibration caused by shooting.  It features a Sims Internal Harmonic Dampener and a De-Resonator which effectively combine to minimize vibration that is transferred from the riser to the stabilizer when the arrow is released.  The 1 ounce end weights give users the option of adjusting the stabilizer to meet the balance requirements of the hunting bow that they are using.

The patented design of this stabilizer has the compact disc weight at the furthest point of attachment from the bow or the “distal end.”  A very light, rigid carbon fiber rod is used to connect the disc weight to the bow.  This carbon fiber rod is critical because if the rod is weak, the weight cannot effectively resist the energy once the arrow is released.  Bee Stinger works well because the weight is mainly at the distal end and the rod is ultra-light and rigid.  Available lengths for this stabilizer are 6, 8, and 10 inches.  It also comes in a variety of colors like blue, camo, green, camo, pink, purple red, yellow, and Realtree APS.

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#4 TruGlo TruTec Carbon Pro Bow Stabilizer

This stabilizer will help improve your balance while lessening any vibration and noise from your bow.  The Tri-foil shape holds a rigid position which enhances bow stability.  Also featured are the adjustable weight suspension with three 1 ounce steel weights that enable you to adjust the stabilizer to fit your needs.  In addition, the stabilizer rod is made from strong high modulus carbon fiber which provides superior strength.   The performance based composites in the Carbon Bow are instrumental in decreasing vibration and reducing noise.

Carbon Pro is designed with a carbon composite exoskeleton, and is specifically made for performance bows.  The length is 8 inches, and the weight is adjustable from 5 to 8 ounces.    The Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating provides an excellent finish and feel.  The Carbon Pro comes in several patterns including Realtree APG, Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, Realtree Xtra, and Black.  This stabilizer will definitely help you get a smoother, quieter shoot.

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#5 Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite

The Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite uses shock absorbent rubber compound which will eliminate vibration from your bow and provide balance.  It has a built in knuckle, and is harmonically tuned for 22” to 27” risers.  This stabilizer comes with a braided wrist sling.  It uses a standard thread pattern which enables it to be mounted to the front stabilizer hole of any bow.  The length of this stabilizer if 5 ¼ inches.

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