When you go out camping, things like green bathroom facilities and other portable items such as gas stoves and sleeping bags are essential. Camping requires you to spend time outdoors – outside the comfort of your home. The things you use at home are non – existent in the outdoors or impractical to carry, yet you need to get by as well as you can without them during your trip and enjoy it. The trick is to pack only the essentials and embrace the simple outdoor life.

Before you pack anything for your outdoor adventure, ensure that you make a list of the important things so that you do not leave anything behind. When choosing your camping essentials, you need to focus on necessary items. Things like green bathroom equipment should make the top of the list and so should food and water among other items. Avoid frivolous items such as beauty products or useless electronics that you have no need for in the outdoors.

Some of the items you should include in your list of camping essentials include;

  1. Tents

You need somewhere you can lay your head down for the night. It’s dangerous to sleep out in the open because you never know what will come up to you such as a wild animal. A tent will also keep you warm and dry during cold or wet weather.

Camping tents are available in a variety of sizes and designs. There are small ones you can pitch up on top of your van or off-road vehicle, and there are large ones, made of durable fabric that you can use on the ground. Some are meant for light camping and weather such as during summer, while others can withstand harsh conditions such as winter. It’s up to you to choose the tent you desire based on your needs and where you will go camping.

  1. Sleeping bags and sleep pads

You should also purchase a sleeping bag that you can snuggle up in during the night or day when you need a nap. They zip up around you and keep you warm and come in handy during cold nights. You also need an air pad that you can place inside the sleeping bag to act as a mattress. It makes it more comfortable for you as you don’t have to feel the hard ground pressing back on you as you sleep.

  1. Lighting

Portable light providers are necessary at a camping site because often there is no electricity. You need to rely on portable lighting solutions to brighten up your camping site. You should carry a variety of light fixtures for different purposes. Some are simple such as kerosene lamps while others give better light such as a pressure lamp.

You can also take advantage of the weather and purchase solar lamps that you can recharge every day by keeping them out in the sun. If you have green bathroom solutions such as portable showers, you will need some bright lights in your makeshift shower area. You also need bright torches that you can use to walk from one area of the camping site to the other. Make sure you carry many lighting solutions so that you have enough light during your camping trip at all times and in all areas.

  1. Blanket

One of the great things about camping is sitting around the campfire. However, even when there is a fire, it’s good to have a blanket to keep mosquitoes away and also cover areas of the body such as the back that face away from the fire. Therefore, you should carry a waterproof blanket during your camping trip that you can use when you are outside your tent or camping van. It can also act as an extra layer of warmth in your sleeping bag or over it during chilly nights.

  1. Portable grill

Apart from green bathroom solutions, there is another way to go easy on the environment when you are outdoors. It involves using eco-friendly cooking items as opposed to using the campfire for heating and cooking. Eco- friendly portable grills use environmentally friendly energy sources that don’t release a lot of smoke and also burn faster and longer. They are easy to carry around, and you can use them to grill items such as fish, meat, and vegetables for your meals.

  1. Water filter

Having clean water during your trip outdoors is essential. Sometimes you can’t be sure that the water available is clean at camping sites. So carry a water filter so that you make sure all the water you drink is clean and suitable for consumption. Some of these water filters also act as storage tanks and cool water nicely so that you have some refreshing cold water to drink at all times.

  1. First aid kit

It’s easy to get an injury when you and your loved ones are outdoors. You can fall and get a cut or even get bitten by a snake or stung by a bee. Nature is full of nasty surprises that lead to unwanted accidents. It’s essential to carry a first aid kit just in case you get an unexpected injury.

Make sure you carry a fully stocked kit that has enough medical supplies and equipment. Just carrying a kit with bandages and disinfectant is not enough. You can get a good first aid kit from St. John’s Ambulance and even sign up for a course on first aid so that you can help your loved ones in case of an accident.

  1. Solar shower

You will get grimy and stink a lot when you are outdoors. Hiking is tough because you sweat a lot and get exposed to dirt and dust. Therefore it’s important to plan on how you will shower during your trip. A good thing to carry for a green bathroom facility is a solar shower.

A portable solar shower is a bag in which you can pour water and heat it up in the sun so you can take a hot shower anytime. They make it using heating material that enables it to warm water in the outdoors within a couple of hours. It’s a great item to have because it allows you to have a shower anytime, anywhere just as long as the weather permits.  More about them here: https://campingstyle.co.uk/enjoy-camps-max-best-camping-shower-uk/

  1. Portable Tankless water heater

If you are camping using an RV or any other sophisticated camping vehicle, then opt for a portable tankless water heater. It uses the heat from a propane gas to warm water for you and works much faster than a portable solar heater. Also, it comes in handy in cold areas where you get minimal sun in a day. Best of all, it comes with a shower nozzle so that you can have a shower just like you do at home.

  1. Backpack

You need a durable bag to carry essentials during your trip in the outdoors. Carry a bag that is waterproof and made of sturdy material that will not tear easily. In it, you can carry snacks, water, mosquito repellant, a GPS device and other items you need during a hike when out camping

11. Boots

Make sure you get solid waterproof boots. Weather can be unpredictable when you are out in the wild and there are few things worse than getting caught your feet wet in the rain. You can check this guide for waterproof boots to get started.

These are just a few items you need for your next camping trip. There are lots of other green bathroom solutions, heating equipment and other camping gears you can choose from for your trip. Remember the goal is to have the least amount of items with you so make sure you only pack essentials. If you are unsure about what to carry, just walk into any camping gear shop, and they will help you to pick the right things for your camping trip.