Throwing axes have a long history of use in combat as a ranged weapon that can cause severe damage, but these days they have found many more uses such as tools for sports and competition as well as breaching tools meant to get you through the toughest of doors, windows, and other obstacles.

Choosing the correct throwing axe for your budget and purposes can be difficult and requires proper knowledge of the tool, which is why we have compiled this guide using professional reviews and research in order to allow you to make an informed decision when looking at the different throwing axes available to you.

Comparison of the Top 5 Throwing Axes

PictureModelPriceWeightOur Rating
Smith and Wesson SW671 tomahawk$$$2.27 lbs4.5
United Cutlery M48 Hawk Axe$$1.56 lbs4.4
Mtech USA Mt-628 Axe$0.73 lbs4.0
Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Axe$0.75 lbs4.7
Fury Camp Throwing axe$1.1 lbs3.3

Top 5 Throwing Axes Reviewed

Below are reviews of five of the top throwing axe models available today. The list comprises axes made of different materials and designed to suit a range of different purposes, situations, and users.

Smith and Wesson SW671 Tomahawk Review

#1The Smith and Wesson is a beastly throwing axe that is sure to be a good companion for anyone looking for a heavy duty breeching axe. At the expense of portability, this tomahawk offers unparalleled blade and handle quality combined with formidable weight.

The first thing you will notice about this throwing axe is its sheer weight. At two pounds and eleven ounces, this is by far the heaviest option on our list. This makes it absolutely ideal for heavy duty breaching but does mean that it is somewhat harder to throw than other axes. The Smith and Wesson SW671 is also the longest tomahawk on our list, measuring at 15.9 inches.

The blade is made of high Carbon 1070 Steel (0.70% Carbon). This gives the blade exceptional hardness as well as edge retention, but also means it requires more upkeep and protection than many of its Stainless Steel counterparts.

The Kraton grip allows for great handling and control as well as significant wear protection compared to many other options on the market. It allows for comfortable throwing as well as two handed use due to its three ergonomic gripping positions.

One caveat to this axe is that its sheath is not the best, and you may want to purchase a different one especially considering the potential vulnerability of the Carbon Steel blade.

Pros and Cons:

  • Excellent blade, great handle, weighty and versatile
  • Poor sheath, may be too long and heavy for some uses

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United Cutlery M48 Hawk Axe Review

#2Another large throwing axe option is the M48 Hawk Axe, which comes in at a slightly smaller and lighter form factor than the Smith and Wesson thanks to its lighter handle and reduced length. Despite its lighter weight, this remains an excellent and hard wearing tool that is not to be sniffed at.

The blade this time is made of durable AUS-6 Stainless Steel, making it hard as nails and giving it good edge retention whilst also providing rust resistance not found in Carbon Steel blades. This makes it a great tool for outdoors situations and also requires less upkeep than its Carbon Steel counterparts.

In addition to a slightly shorter form factor, this axe comes with much lighter handles crafted from nylon and fiberglass, making for a tough and versatile handle while not adding too much weight to the product. The handle provides good grip and allows for easy one or two-handed use.

Though this axe is slightly smaller and lighter than the Smith and Wesson, it is still a large and heavy throwing axe that makes for an extremely useful breaching and cutting tool with its sharp blade and significant impact capabilities.

Once again, however, the nylon sheath is not the best option available and does not offer the best protection possible. However, the Stainless Steel blade is a little more forgiving in this regard, meaning that the sheath is less problematic. That being said, it is still worth investigating other options for sheathing this great axe.

Pros and Cons:

  • Good versatile blade, lightweight and strong handle
  • Somewhat poor sheath

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Mtech Mt-628 Axe Review

#3The Mtech USA Mt-628 is a great option for those looking for a smaller option in throwing axes. Standing at just 10.75 inches and weighing just 13.6 ounces, this is the smallest item on our list. But its smaller stature notwithstanding, Mtech USA Mt-628 axe remains an excellent competitor for throwing axe enthusiasts, offering a good throwing form factor.

The blade this time is composed once more of Stainless Steel, bringing with it excellent rust resistance and decent hardness, as well as good edge retention and overall wear resistance. This makes it a great option for those looking to take it outdoors into potentially damp conditions.

The handle is cord wrapped, ensuring good grip in a variety of situations. The curved ergonomic design also allows for a variety of uses, from throwing to chopping. In addition to this grip, the handle comes with a wrist cord designed to keep the axe from being flung when being used to chop, however, this is liable to come undone occasionally and should be treated with caution.

The Mtech’s sheath is well fitting, and its stainless steel blade, short length, and light weight in conjunction with the sheath make for an easy to maintain axe ideal for transportation and general carrying.

Pros and Cons:

  • Short and light, ideal for throwing, excellent grip
  • Poor wrist chord, not as good for two handed use

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Zombie Killer Skullsplitter Throwing Axe Review

#4A medium sized throwing axe, this 11 and a half inch axe weighs 12 ounces, making it a great middle ground for a throwing axe. This gives it enough clout to be a good chopping axe, while also keeping it light enough to throw.

The blade is once again fashioned from Stainless Steel, which runs as a solid piece of metal into the handle. The blade is not only sharp and tough, but it also includes a set of saw back serrations. Emblazoned on the blade is the Zombie Killer logo, which gives the axe a dystopian look which is sure to please the enthusiast of disaster survival movies.

The handle once again comes with a cord wrap, giving the user excellent and comfortable grip and making the axe a breeze to use. This chord, much like the logo on the blade, comes in a variety of colors, making this the trendiest and most aesthetically pleasing item on the list.

Due to its one-piece construction, Zombie Killer Skullsplitter axe has an excellent balance and toughness to it that is sure to please any throwing axe aficionado, as well as making it an excellent tool for beginners just learning the craft.

Pros and Cons:

  • Mid-range size and weight, good balance, decent blade, good looking
  • Not as good for breaching as larger axes, not as versatile a blade

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Fury Camp Throwing Axe Review

#5Another one-piece medium sized axe on the list is the Fury Camp throwing axe. This Stainless Steel axe measures in at a slightly bigger 12 inches and weighs a slightly beefier 1.1 pounds, making it an excellent solution for those looking for a compromise between the very small and the very large.

Once again featuring a Stainless Steel blade, this is another ideal tool for the outdoors enthusiast looking for a wet weather companion. Additionally, this means that it offers a decent degree of toughness and edge retention, though perhaps not as high as its Carbon Steel and AUS Stainless Steel brethren.

As another one-piece body, the handle is once again weighty enough to balance out the blade nicely, meaning that Fury Camp Throwing axe flies nicely from the hand. With its curved grip, it is relatively comfortable, however, the lack of a vinyl chord or rubberized grip makes the handle a little less pleasant to hold than some other axes in this size range.

Where this axe really comes into its own is with its faux leather sheath, which offers stellar protection from the elements in a sleek and stylish package. While the rest of the axes on this list come with nylon sheaths which might not be up to the task, the Fury Camp’s sheath is more than fit for purpose.

Pros and Cons:

  • Good form factor, well-balanced for throwing, excellent sheath
  • Handle is somewhat uncomfortable, blade is not as tough or versatile as others

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What Should You Look For In Your Throwing Axe?

There are many different aspects to consider when shopping for your throwing axe, as these will dictate how to fit the tool is to your specific purpose, as well as enable you to care for the tool properly in the long run.

Blade Material

The blade is perhaps the most important part of a throwing axe, as it is the part that is going to take the most abuse. For throwing axes, hardness and blade retention are very important and so high Carbon Steel is often preferred. However, Carbon Steel is much less rust resistant than Stainless Steel, and so requires much more upkeep.

Handle Material

As these axes are designed to be thrown, the handle is very important. In order to be comfortably thrown, the handles must be well shaped and made of a good strong material.

Weight and Size

The weight and size of an axe will dictate how far you will be able to throw it, as well as the degree of accuracy you can expect. Similarly, the weight of the axe will affect who can use it. In general, it is good to look for a good, balanced axe with some heft to it, but not too much that it becomes unwieldy.


In addition to size and weight, the sheath of your axe will determine how portable it is. For throwing axes, good portability is very important, as these axes are most useful when quickly accessed and thrown. Additionally, protection of the blade is important to keep it clean and keen – particularly in the case of Carbon Steel blades.

How to Throw an Axe


Using this comprehensive guide, you should now have all the information you need to go out and find the ideal throwing axe to suit your budget and needs. Making use of the information departed here, as well as by taking a look at some of the top options available, you can be sure to find the right throwing axe for you. If you have any questions, about axes or throwing axes, get in touch with our team.

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