There’s an entire world under the ocean that most of us never get the chance to explore, which is a shame because there are so many wonders to be seen. As well as being home to some of the most incredible natural features on Earth, the oceans are a great place for sports. When you’re getting involved in water sports, it also gives you a great opportunity to travel around the world to some of the most incredible places. If you’re interested in watersports, these are some of the best ones out there.


Surfing is probably one of the best and most popular watersports and you can do it in pretty much any country in the world. It’s pretty difficult to master at first but once you’ve got the basics down and you can stay on the board, you’ll have a great time. It’s also a great cardio workout that tones muscle all over the body. Places like Australia and Hawaii are popular surfing hotspots but they’re pretty expensive. If you don’t have the cash to spend on an exotic place like that, you can find some great beaches in California that are far cheaper and easier to get to.

Paddle Boarding

For people that can’t master surfing but still want to get out in the water on a board, paddle boarding is a good entry level water sport. There’s still a lot of cardio activity going on there because you’re constantly pushing yourself around the water. It’s a much more relaxing way to enjoy the water and you don’t need the waves that you do for surfing so you can do it pretty much anywhere. Just make sure that you check the forecast and make sure that the weather is going to be calm, otherwise, you might get thrown off your board by chopping waters.


Windsurfing lands somewhere between paddle boarding and surfing in terms of difficulty level and danger. If you do it on a fairly calm day, it can be a relaxing experience but if you want to push yourself a bit, hit the water on a windy day and you can really pick up some speed. It’s a very intensive sport physically because you’re constantly adjusting and holding the sail in position but you’ll be having so much fun you probably won’t notice how much your arms hurt.

Scuba Diving

If you really want to explore the ocean and see what the blue planet has to offer, scuba diving is the best way to do it. You’ll have to spend a bit of money on dry suits, air integrated dive computers, and oxygen tanks before you go but it’s a worthwhile investment. There are so many amazing diving destinations like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or some of the cheaper coral reef destinations in the Philippines or Mexico where you’ll find some mind-blowing sea life and scenery to explore. People don’t often think of scuba diving as a good fitness sport but it is. You’re carrying a lot of weight on you with all of that equipment and the water is adding a lot of extra resistance so you’re burning fat and toning muscle the whole time you’re underwater.


Anybody that’s a fan of snowboarding or skateboarding should definitely try their hand at kitesurfing. It brings in elements of most board sports with an added twist. You’ll be hooked up to a kite that pulls you along the water at great speeds and gives you the lift to make big jumps and pull off tricks. It’s a pretty tough mental and physical workout because you have to constantly adjust to movements in the wind and the water so you need to be in good shape if you’re going to manage it.

White Water Rafting

White water rafting and Kayaking are also great options for people that are looking for a more extreme watersport. Depending on how brave you are, you can choose a river that is fairly calm or you can go for something a little fiercer. White water rafting is a dangerous sport so the first time you do it, you should always go to a professional and get some training, otherwise, you won’t know how to react safely if you end up getting flipped over or thrown out into the water.

These are some of the best watersports that beginners can get to grips with if they want to enjoy the ocean and get a bit of a workout at the same time.

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