Best Youth Recurve Bow Reviews 2019

The recurve bow is a bow on which the tips curve away from the shooter, and the string touches part of the limb when the bow is strung.  When using a recurve bow, your arrows have more speed and energy because of the extra bend in the bow. This type of bow holds more energy and is much more efficient at delivering that energy than a straight-limbed bow. Recurve bows allow for a shorter bow which is ideal in certain environments such as in heavy forests and brush or on horseback.

Limbs on a recurve put a lot of pressure on the materials that the bow is made from.  The more extreme the recurve is, the more unstable the bow becomes when it is being strung.  The bow also makes more noise when you shoot it.  Ancient recurves were dangerous if not strung correctly.  They could easily spring back and hurt the shooter.

Today, modern recurve bows are the only ones allowed in the Olympics.  Materials used on modern recurves are fiberglass, and carbon or wood. The center of the bow also called the riser, is usually made from wood, aluminum or magnesium alloy, or carbon. Recurves designed for youth generally have a riser made from plastic or wood.

When purchasing a bow for your child, make sure it is not too hard to pull.  Also, don’t get one that is too light because the child will not fully develop shooting skills. Although your child may be able to handle an adult bow, do not start out with too heavy a draw weight.  If your child does not use the bow in a week or so, it is recommended that you unstring it.  Also, hang the bow vertically from a hook or lay it on its side when it is not in use.

Top 5 Recurve Bows for Young Archers

Below is a list of reviews of 5 top ranking youth recurve bows. These recurves are perfect for young beginners and will do well to set them up for a good start. You can’t go wrong with these models.

#1: Crosman Archery Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow Review

This youth recurve bow comes pre-assembled and is for use with right-handed archers only. It features a  hand rest which adds to the comfort of the shooter. The heavy weight fiberglass composite limbs make this a durable bow.  It has a center shot compositor riser and a custom all-weather heavy duty string system. The 20 pound draw weight is ideal for beginning archers.  The 25-inch maximum draw will adjust to your child’s growth and last for years to come.  It has an 8-inch brace height, is 45 inches tip to tip, and weighs 2.8 pounds.

Other items included with this set are two composite youth arrows, two-piece quiver, finger tab, an arm guard for protection, arrow rest, and pin sight. Crosman markets this bow as a longbow, but it is actually a takedown recurve.  A takedown recurve usually comes apart in three pieces, generally the riser and two limbs.  It is designed for easy transport and reassembly.

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#2: Bear Archery Titan Youth Bow Review

The Titan bow is recommended for individuals 12 years and up, and can function as a right or left-hand bow.  It is a great starter bow for pre-teens and teenagers.  Overall bow length is 60 inches.  This bow will serve your child well until they are ready for an adult bow. Draw length is 22 to 28 inches, and draw weight is 20 to 29 pounds.  Limbs are constructed with durable composite, and the riser is plastic and rubber-gripped. Although the draw weight is light, this bow is powerful enough to shoot small animals.

Also included with the Titan bow set are an arm guard, two 28 inch safetyglass arrows, quiver, finger tab, and a target to practice with.  You will have to know how to string a bow since the Titan does not come pre-assembled. The string is made of inexpensive polyester, so it’s important that you take good care of it.  But, you can also buy a Dacron string which is more durable.

This bow is very light, weighing just under one pound, but it is still very sturdy. Although it is small, it tends to be a bit noisy, so purchasing a silencer might help decrease the noise.

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#3: Easton Youth Beginner Recurve Bow Review

Easton has been making equipment for archery since 1922, and the Easton Youth bow is perfect for the beginning archer.  This bow is for left and right handed archers and has a built in sight pin rail which also has an ambidextrous design.  The length of this bow is 52 inches, draw weight is 10-20 pounds, and maximum draw length is 26 inches. This bow has a lightweight, slim polymer technology riser with durable glass-reinforced limbs.

Weighing 1.3 pounds, this recurve bow is easy to handle, and an ideal starter set.  It helps develop form and accuracy.  The Easton Youth Bow comes with three XX75 1816 28” vane-fletched arrows which are available in pink or black. Also included are a high-quality Denier fabric hip quiver, which is sturdy and holds up to 12 arrows.  A belt clip on the quiver makes it convenient to carry on a belt or pants. In addition, an arm guard, Dacron string with nocking point set, arrow rest, and finger protector come with this bow.

It is recommended that you use a bow stringer when stringing a recurve bow.  If you string it backward it may invalidate the warranty on the bow.

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#4: Bear Firebird Youth Bow

Bear Archery has been in business over 50 years and they are experts in archery equipment. Whether it is for the novice or for the skilled hunter, this company is known for making innovative equipment for all types of archers.  The Firebird Youth Bow is ideal for youth ages 12 and up who are just starting out learning archery.  It can be used for left or right-handed shooters.  The bow is made with durable composite limbs, which are covered for the first 5 years after purchase, at no charge.

The Firebird has a 60-inch overall bow length and a 22 to 28-inch draw length.  The draw weight is 30 to 35 pounds. The bow can be used out in the field, to hone skills on targets, or simply to practice. There is a rubber grip that is glued on which may come off over time, but other than that, the bow is sturdy.

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#5: Bear Archery Crusader Bow

The Archery Crusader is another Bear bow designed specifically to meet the needs of youth and intermediate archers.  It can be used for left or right-handed shooters and is recommended for ages 9 and up.  The Crusader has an overall bow length of 51 inches, a draw length of 20 to 28 inches, and a draw weight of 10 to 20 pounds.  It also features durable composite limbs.  There is a limited warranty which includes 100% coverage on the limbs for the first 5 years, and 50% of replacement cost after that.  The cams and risers are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

This bow can also be purchased as a set which includes an armguard, arrow quiver, finger tab, target, and 2 Safetyglass arrows.  This starter bow comes unstrung, so be sure to show your young archer the proper way to string a bow.  Purchasing a bow stringer is always a good idea.  This is a simple, starter bow so it does not accept things like stabilizers, sights, or other accessories.

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