You will be able to see more terrain and spot more game by learning proper binocular adjustment as they are mounted on the tripod. This is done by knowing how to adjust the four major components to focus your eyes to the binoculars.

The Eyecups are made of soft rubber, and will fold or push down to adjust for people who view binoculars with their eyeglasses on. To view with glasses on, just push or fold the eyecups down flat and put your glasses up against the ocular lenses of the binoculars.
The correct binocular adjustment for people not wearing glasses is to leave the cups extended, getting the benefit of shade and protection from external light, and receiving light only from the objective lenses into your eyes as you look through the binoculars.

The Hinge is the connecting piece that brings the two telescopic halves together. The hinge will adjust the binoculars in and out, the right distance apart, to fit your eyes. While looking through the binoculars, move them in and out adjusting until you have one big, clear viewing circle as your field of view. When using the best binoculars, you should never see two circles or crescents as it would mean that they are too close together. With correct binocular adjustment, you see one circle shaped field of view.

The Central Focus Knob can either be a knob or lever used to turn or lever adjust for clarity, getting the sharpest image of the object; to whatever distance you may be viewing. This adjustment will focus the two sides of the binoculars at the same time. Since both of your eyes are different and focus differently there is an adjustment knob on the right ocular lens called the ocular adjustment knob.

The Ocular Knob is the adjustment that allows you to adjust the right eye by closing the left eye and adjusting the knob closest to your right eye; then adjusting the central focus of both eyes. You have to adjust the clarity and sharpness for the distance you are viewing, no matter how far. For maximum adjustment, bring it all together like this.

  1. Pick an object to view through the binoculars, at the furthest distance of your choosing. A rock, bush, fence post, or the game animal you just glassed up. Bring the object into sharp clarity. Also, check best Data Acquisition.
  2. Adjusting the central focus knob with both eyes open, bringing the rock into sharp, clear focus.
  3. Close your left eye, and look through the right tube with your right eye, viewing the object and adjusting the ocular adjustment knob until it becomes better focused.
  4. Then close your right eye, look through the left tube with your left eye and adjust the central focus knob until your left eye becomes greatly focused.
  5. When you open both eyes, the rock, game animal or whatever object you first decided to focus on should have sharp clarity and focus. You should have good focus with one eye open, the other closed, then switch; and also both eyes open. From this point on you should be using the central focus knob as the primary adjustment to bring different objects at different distances into focus.
  6. As you change views and distances to bring them into focus, do not hesitate to use all the adjustment on the binoculars to get the very best view.

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