Bowtech Carbon Knight Review – Compound Bow

Bowtech’s Carbon Knight is the lightest premium bow ever developed, weighing just 3.2 lbs.  This is made possible by the new Binary Cam design which provides a more comfortable and smoother draw, while still maintaining speed.  This cam system is made up of two perfectly symmetrical cams that are slaved to each other, unlike asymmetric single cam and hybrid cam systems.  The design forces the cams to turn in perfect synchronization. Bowtech created the Binary Cam System in 2004 for symmetry, synchronization, and simplicity.


The Carbon Knight is “R.A.K.” (Ready, Aim, Kill).  This means that it is equipped and ready to kill right out of the box!  Bowtech factory installs and tests the most accurate preset components so that each bow comes R.A.K. The Knight riser is designed to be as “light as vapor” but to still be “tough as diamonds,” according to Bowtech. The lightness makes it much easier to maneuver.

You can easily make proper length adjustments to match your preferred shooting style, due to the quick draw length adjustments.  Length can be adjusted without draw length specific modules. This is possible because of the Rotating Mod system.  You simply rotate the module clockwise or counterclockwise.  Draw length can be adjusted in ½ inch increments.  To lengthen, rotate the module so that its index points to a lower number.   To shorten, rotate the module so that its index points to a higher number.

Draw weights can be adjusted 10 pounds down from the peak weight of the bow. They are easily adjustable  by using a hex wrench to tighten or loosen the limb bolt.  To set a center shot, measure from the back of the riser to the arrow, then from the front of the riser to the arrow.  When these measurements are equal , your bow should be at the center shot.  It’s good to start at the center when tuning your bow.

Other features of the Carbon Knight are:

  • Brace Height 7
  • Draw Length 5 – 30.5
  • Axle to Axle 31
  • Effective Let off 80%
  • Draw Weight 50,60,70
  • IBO Speed 335
  • Kinetic Energy 2 ft-lbs


Bowtech bows are made with the highest quality parts and will last for years to come with the right maintenance.  You should never draw and release a bow without an arrow on the string.  This is called “dry firing” and can result in a damaged bow.  Also, do not leave your bow in extreme temperatures.   Wax the string often – Bowtech recommends that you wax every other time that you use the bow.   This will lengthen the life of the string and cable sets.

All Bowtech bows com with a lifetime non-transferable warranty which protects against failure due to defects in workmanship or material.  This does not include damage due to modification of the bow’s design, misuse, or abuse.

Included with the bow are a custom 4-pin sight, octane hostage XL arrow rest, Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver, Octane 5” Ultra-Lite Stabilizer, BCY String Loop, Alloy Peep and Dura-Fix String Dampening Components, and a comfort wrist sling.

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