Sharp knives have been primal in man’s fight for survival. Even if we do not use a knife for daily purposes as people have used in the older times, a good, sharp, and sturdy knife still remain priceless. Carrying a knife is not only handy for outdoor activities but is also a symbol of pride for men. The market place is full of new models of hunter knives as well as custom pocket knives but the classic American Buck Knife has still not lost its value.

The creation of Buck 110 Knife dates back to 1963 when Al Buck decided that a high-quality locking blade knife is exactly what outdoorsmen need. However, it needed to be sturdy yet small and thin enough to easily carry. Unlike other hunter knives that are too big and thick, Buck 110 is small and has just the right weight to carry. Despite having a small size and the clip blade, Buck 110 is sturdy and very sharp to cut through.

But coming up with the final design and performance of Buck 110 Hunter was not easy to achieve. The challenge was to manufacture a strong folding knife that has a strong lock mechanism, is sturdy, reliable, and also good looking. After several refinements, the Buck Knives had their 110 Folding Hunter Knife in the market and became among the top-picks in the industry.

Buck 110 Hunter Knife: Features

Here are the main features of the classic Buck 110 knife, which the customers have always appreciated.

 Clip Blade 

Buck 110 Hunter has a shiny clip blade. One of the biggest advantages of a clip point blade is that it is designed for a thinner knife. Users can easily stow the thin and sharp clip blade on a belt or in the pocket. 

The clip blade of Buck 110 Hunter’s clip blade has a crescent tip, which provides a thinner blade, and providing a sharp point. The crescent-tip shape on the clip blade also provides better control for detailed work and cutting in tight places. Not only does it look stylish, but the blade is sharp enough for several purposes. 

We found that the blade’s point has adequate sharpness and is effective for most work. However, the point is not as strong as that of knives with a drop point.

 420HC Steel

420 HC Steel is the standard blade material in all of Buck knives. The top-quality steel blade is resistant to wear as it contains a mixture of high carbon alloys. The steel is stainless and is also corrosion-resistant. We found the blade highly durable and easy to re-sharpen.

  Genuine Ebony Handle

The handle of the Buck 110 feels just right in hand, it is neither too thick and bulky nor too thin. The handle is made of high-quality Ebony Wood. The wood material is all-natural with beautiful grain patterns making the handle look strong and classy. 

Upon a little research, we found that Buck knives started using sustainable wood for manufacturing the knife handles after the 1990’s federal regulations on endangered woods were imposed.


 Lockback folding mechanism for knives locks the blade in an open position. The lock activates by opening the blade all the way. The rocker, which locks the blade, is visible on top of the knife. When you open the blade, the rocker locks against the blade to open it. When you push down the rocker, it allows you to close the blade. 

Forever Warranty

The Buck family is famous for its warranty. There have been no defects in either the workmanship or the material of a Buck 110 knife. Most customers who have bought Buck 110 Hunter have never felt the need to have the knife repaired or replaced. Buck Knives provide a forever warranty on all of their knives and provide repair or replacement if ever needed. 

How to Find the Right Knife

Before buying yourself a knife, it is important to note some key characters you must look for. 

 What do you want the knife for?

When you are buying a knife, you must know exactly what you need it for and what other possibilities there can be for its purpose. You must also know what features are important for you. Whether your purpose is having a thick and sharp blade to work through all types of surfaces or is a small yet sturdy knife is practical for you.  Also, note the safety features you want in your knife.

What features are important?

When you have a clear idea of what purpose you will use the knife for, you must know what features are on the priority list for your knife. Note the following things for your knife.

  • See what kind of blade and how sharp you want it.
  • Do you want a folding knife?
  • Should the knife be able to open and close with one hand?
  • Do you want any additional features in your knife like sawtooth?
  • Is a light-weight knife more convenient for you? Are you okay carrying a heavy-weighted one?

 Handle Material

Although the blade’s shape, material, and sharpness are the most important features of buying the knife, the material of the handle is worth considering too. There are several options for the material of knife handles, including rubber, wood, metal, and micarta. 

Handles made of rubber or micarta provide a very strong grip in wet conditions. Metal and wood handles are stable, durable, and have an aesthetic sense of style. 

Blade Shape

 The shape of the blade is very crucial to the kind of knife you are going to buy. When you get the right shape of the blade, only then you are able to make the best use of your knife. There are several shapes for the knife blade to choose from. Each shape is designed for a different purpose. Clip point, drop point and skinner are the most popular shapes which provide sharpest of the blade

Blade Steel

The steel your knife’s blade is made up of determines its working and durability. Some steels are best with edge retention, while others are corrosion-resistant. The perfect steel material for blade should be resistant to wear, corrosion and should be easy to re-sharpen.

Final Word

To find the right kind of knife, it is important to look for the shape and steel of the blade, the handle material, and what the knife is intended for. Buck 110 is one of the most popular top-rated hunter knives with a strong clip blade, genuine wood handle, small and pocketable design with a lifetime warranty.