Why is camping increasing in popularity?

More and more people in our highly developed environment are loosing the touch with nature. They work all day in airconditioned offices, looking at computer monitors. After work they drive home in their airconditioned cars and sit down in their airconditioned homes to watch yet another computer monitor or just TV. Therefore it comes as no surprise that at least during their holidays more and more people like to experience a different way of living. Camping provides such a different way of living. It brings people much closer to mother nature than usual and brings a certain spirit of adventure and freedom.

There are different ways of camping. The original form is called tenting, meaning to live in a tent. But also to travel in a motor caravan becomes increasingly popular. The third form of camping and one which is very romantic and close to nature is to travel with a house boat. A camping trip can be a good experience because it brings people closer to nature and other people. And you don’t need to get the best moving companies to experience living in another country.

Important things to know about camping abroad

Very important is the knowledge and adherence of the rules of the country. At first it seems obvious that in other countries other rules and regulations apply than in the USA. Many holiday makers seem to forget that and cause unnecessary problems. This statement applies especially to traffic laws and rules which can differ far from US rules. (Find Out More about various countries).

Similar things apply to regulations concerning the camping itself. One should get information before starting the trip if a camping permit is needed, when and where to obtain it and how much it costs. If the camping ground is a very popular tourist site it is recommend to make a reservation before arrival. Otherwise it might happen that the camping site is too full and closed for new arrivals.

Like for any other travel abroad one should make sure to have a travel insurance to be prepared for medical emergencies. It is wise to write down the phone number of the responsible US embassy or consulate as well as the number of the breakdown service or its affiliate in the country. It means no harm to learn at least a few words in the local language. Nobody expects a tourist to be fluent in the local language but if one is able to say just a few simple things like please, thank you, good morning or goodbye, locals will see it as sign of politeness and respect and appreciate it. It can break the ice in a difficult situation. In general it is always good to listen to the advice of the locals because they know the specific situation best and not all places are as safe and well organised as USA.