Knife Reviews

Buck 110 Hunter Knife: Review and Buyer’s Guide

Sharp knives have been primal in man’s fight for survival. Even if we do not use a knife for daily purposes as people have used in the older times, a good, sharp, and sturdy knife still remain priceless. Carryi...
cold steel kukri review

Cold Steel 97MKM Magnum Kukri Review

If you’re someone that deals with a lot of brush cutting, then you may have been looking for a machete that will be able to meet your needs. The Cold Steel 97MKM Magnum Kukri is actually a solid choice for many...

ESEE Model 6 Knife Review

Fixed blade knives are well known for their versatility and their ability to be used in pretty much any situation that you can imagine. Because of that, ESEE decided to get in on the train by putting together a...
ESEE Knives 5 review

ESEE Model 5 Survival Fixed Blade Knife Review

A fixed blade knife is an excellent tool when you’re trying to get through the ins and outs that come with camping, adventuring, or even just working. One of the best fixed blade knives on the market is the ESE...
Fallkniven A1 survival knife review

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Fixed Blade Knife Review

It’s hard to learn the difference between all of these knives that are out on the market currently, but you shouldn’t let yourself get intimidated by what’s out there. Finding the right fixed blade knife can pl...
ka bar knife reviews

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife Review

The Marine Corps are some of the most versatile fighters that we have in our country today. Because of that, they require a versatile knife and functional knife that can be used for any task. Made by Marine Cor...
Benchmade - Mini Griptilian review

Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife Review

When you’re looking for a small knife that can fit in practically any space, then you definitely want to consider the Benchmade Mini Griptilian Knife. Let’s take a look and see how much of a difference this cou...

Morakniv Companion Heavy Duty Knife Review

Heavy duty knives are a part of life for many people who are dealing with outdoor work and jobs. If you are one of them, you want to make sure that you’ve got a knife that you can take with you no matter where ...