It can be difficult to find great gifts for the ones you love at Christmas, but if they’re into outdoor adventures, then there are plenty of incredible things you can get them to make their gift extra special. Whatever they love to do, there’s a gift that shows you care.

Get your Christmas shopping covered with these handy gift ideas for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

Book a trip

If your loved one loves exploring new places, why not book them a trip somewhere? A getaway makes a fantastic gift, and really shows that you’ve given some thoughts to their interests. A visit to some of the US’s best adventure destinations will offer thrilling experiences that you can enjoy too. Choose somewhere they’ve never been before to give them something incredible to look forward to in the New Year.

Seasonal accessories for year-round adventures

The cold weather shouldn’t stop your adventurer from hunting, hiking, fishing or whatever else they want to do. A down jacket makes an excellent Christmas gift – they’re practical and stylish, and will keep them warm throughout the winter months. Other smaller gifts you might want to include are gloves and hats, thermal socks and base layers designed to provide extra warmth. Nobody wants the cold to ruin their fun, so help them get suited and booted to enjoy some epic winter adventures.

Get them something from their wishlist

Hobbyists and enthusiasts often have a wishlist of items they’d like to buy to help them indulge their hobby. Even if you’re not sure what they want, you can do some careful prodding and digging to help figure it out. Watersport equipment they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves from a boaters warehouse is ideal for someone who loves the water, while new accessories could be ideal for a hunter. A camera can also be a great idea to help them document their adventures and take some incredible photos. Find out what they like and what they’d love to have to give them a thoughtful surprise gift this year.

Book an activity

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences, rather than material things. You’re spoiled for choice with an adventurer to buy for, and treating them to some sort of experience day makes a wonderful gift. From a course that boosts their skills or something that’s completely new – you’ll find something that appeals. Why not plan the perfect fishing trip and hire an expert to show them the ropes? With so many possibilities, you can always be sure of finding something for the adventurer in your life.

Choosing gifts for a loved one can be difficult, but you’ve struck gifting gold with someone who loves to be outdoors. From clothing to activities, there are gifts you can give for every type of budget, knowing it’ll make their day come Christmas morning. Indulge their interests and how them that you care by picking out the perfect outdoor adventure gift this year.