It is closely stated in the Constitution for the State Of Connecticut and particularly § 15, that:

Each citizen has the right to bear arms for the defense of both himself and the State.

Connecticut Constitution st., Article 1, § 15 says:

Connecticut statutes in regards to knives and weapons can be found in Title 53 (Crimes), particularly Chapter 943, captioned as Offenses Against the Public Peace and safety. Hitchhiking happens to be amongst the various offenses that are found in this specific category.

Forbidden – There are to be no prohibited or forbidden knives under the Connecticut statutory law.

Sale or Transfer – There are no listed applicable prohibitions.

Carrying/Concealment – Concealment is a non-issue and the same provisions will apply no matter if the knife is carried openly or concealed.

§ 53-206. The carrying of dangerous weapons is prohibited.

Anyone who carries on their person any blackjack, bb gun, brass or metal knuckles, any switch knife, any dirk knife, or any knife that has an automatic spring release component where a blade gets released from the handle, containing a blade that is over one and a half inches long, or a stiletto, or any other knife where the edged portion of the blade is four or more inches in length.

There can be certain exceptions for subpart (b), in which exempt persons that are traveling between their home and place of business. In the same section, it also establishes exceptions for fishing, hunting, trapping and the participation in events that are sponsored through the Boy Scouts of America and or Girl Scouts Of America and other exceptions. Added in 2016, – 6) any person that has a police baton or dirk knife in a vehicle while it is lawfully moving the person’s household goods or items from one place to the next, or from a certain residence to another.

It should also be noted that Connecticut state will refer to the length of the actual “edged portion” of the knife blade. This is a measurement that may differ from the actual blade length measurement where the AKTI protocol for the measurement of blade length is used. In Connecticut, use the rule and avoid carrying any knife with a blade that is of four inches in length or longer.

Critical Dimensions:

The maximum blade length for either an automatic or switchblade-type knife is one and a half inches.

Four inches for the edged portion of any blade of a knife what could be legally carried.

Statewide Preemption:



There is prohibition when it comes to the possession of firearms or any other dangerous weapons while on school grounds.

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