#1. Fish

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes for campaign trips, and it’s something you probably already plan to do. While sitting on the edge of a lake is highly relaxing, there are several ways to increase the fun. Bow fishing has become an increasingly common choice among adventure lovers. However, if you plan to fish using the more traditional equipment, why not consider taking a boat out onto the water?

While many people will fish for the sport, you can also keep your catches and cook them over the open fire for a deliciously fresh meal. The fact you won’t know what you’re eating until after the day’s fishing adds an extra ingredient of fun too.

#2. Cook Random Treats

Throwing your diet out of the window is a great thing about campaign trips. You can do it without any guilt due to the energy you’ll burn off with all of those activities. Cooking treats over the fire doesn’t only allow you to satisfy your sweet tooth. It also encourages a little creativity. Melting a Milky Way wrapped inside a banana skin, for example, is something you’d probably never do at home. But it’s a delight for the taste buds.

Whether it’s S’mores, Reeces, or other confectionery doesn’t matter. The game of dessert roulette may also throw up the occasional disaster. In truth, that adds to the fun, especially when it’s a campmate that suffers that moment.

#3. Enjoy Off-Roading

When exploring the great outdoors, it’s likely that there will be big open spaces nearby. Therefore, finding the best ATV for sale could be one of the coolest ways to increase the excitement. The adrenaline-fuelled off-roading adventures can turn a boring day into one of the most magical experiences of your life. Whether you’re usually a petrol head or not, this will send the fun into top gear.

Of course, you will want to invest in the necessary safety gear while it’s also worth checking that your destination will allow you to drive your ATV. Still, the fact that your new asset can enhance a host of other adventures nearer to home makes it an ideal purchase.

#4. Shoot

Like fishing, shooting is an incredibly popular activity for outdoor enthusiasts. While many people leave their BB gun or best archery equipment at home, it can be a great activity. The new surroundings and a little creativity will enable you to set fun challenges. Such as hitting a certain target that you’ve made from the branches and foliage. Implement forfeits for the loser, and suddenly the competitive nature will crank up the excitement.

When camping on a designated campsite, you may also find paintballing opportunities. Teaming up with your party to take on another group of campers is sure to be a winner. Better still, you can bond over a few drinks afterwards.

#5. Do A Survivalist Challenge

Outdoors adventures at a National Park or campsite aren’t going to put you in any danger. But we all love the thought of enjoying a survivalist adventure. Heading out on a trek with the essentials for a 24-hour survival can be a great way to break up the trip and really push yourself to the limit. You can always pack an emergency cell phone in case. In truth, though, you won’t ever be too far from your main camp.

The day of survival can include setting up camp, finding food, starting a fire with only natural items, and more. If you’ve picked up skills over the years, this will provide the perfect chance to show them off in style.

#6. Think About Nighttime Fun

Camping adventures are bursting with opportunities for fun during the daytime. However, the nights can be equally enjoyable if you know how to utilize them. The best thing about the outdoor adventures is the chance to cut off from the outside world and enjoy time with friends and family. Simple ideas like board games, releasing sky lanterns, or studying the stars can be great fun. Especially when kids are with you.

When considering ideas like setting off fireworks, you will need to check the safety regulations first. Nevertheless, the sunset should not be a signal for your fun to end. And of course, when it’s adults-only, drinking games are a great addition to the menu.