Camping trips, hikes, and other outdoor adventures are commonly enjoyed with friends and family. However, the great outdoors is also the perfect backdrop for a solo getaway.

Before you do, though, it’s important to prepare for the solo travel adventure in style. One of the best ways is to separate the fact from the fiction and debunk some myths. Here are five you should know about before setting off.

#1. Solo Adventures Are Lonely

Traveling without friends and family may sound lonely, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can take some simple home comforts and family reminders to provide emotional support if it’s needed. Likewise, smartphones mean you can get in touch with loved ones if it’s needed. In truth, though, a couple of days away from the stress of others is one of the most attractive features. It’s just you and the wild.

Besides, if you choose a National Park or dedicated area for outdoor adventures, it won’t be hard to find other explorers.

#2. Solo Adventures Aren’t As Fun

Some people may suggest that solo travel can’t be fun, especially when exploring the great outdoors. On the contrary, it gives you the chance to set an itinerary that’s built around you. Purchasing Jeff Blood fly fishing gear or geocaching tools will allow you to enjoy those activities to the max. And you won’t need to dedicate parts of your vacation to tasks that travel companions want.

Every detail from the activities enjoyed to the meals cooked will be on your terms. Sounds enjoyable to us.

#3. Solo Adventures Are Unsafe

Safety concerns are another common fear for solo travelers. Sure, there is a risk of being in the great outdoors. In truth, though, it’s no worse than if you were with your family. Activities like rafting or trekking carry the same threats regardless. The key is to ensure you’ve packed first aid kits and emergency supplies. Do it in advance.

If nothing else, this will give you peace of mind. Again, thanks to modern communication, there is no need to feel in danger.

#4. Solo Adventures Aren’t As Cost-Effective

Generally speaking, you get better value for money when booking group tasks and accommodation. The great outdoors is a bit different. Even at National Parks, you’ll pay for the pitch. Besides, travel by motorbike can be a lot cheaper than an RV. After buying GIVI luggage, you’ll have everything you need. And at value for money.

The fact that you are in full control of the adventure allows you to save money on the items that you consider non-essential.

#5. Solo Adventures Are Unproductive

Finally, many people think that solo adventures in the great outdoors will result in little productivity. On the contrary, this is the chance to challenge yourself to physical challenges like trekking or climbing a mountain. Or, even if you take a relaxed fishing trip, it’s also a great chance to collect your thoughts. Whether this means writing a book or planning how to improve your finances doesn’t matter.

By striking the right balance between enjoyment and productivity, it can be one of the best vacations of your life.